Type of Training Required for Service Staff

Type of Training Required for Service Staff

Type of Training Required for Service Staff

Providing training to service staff or support staff, who interact with customers directly, is extremely important. It is not just the sales people who are the face of your organization. In fact, any one, right from the front office executive to t service staff could be representing your organization. They are the ones who constantly interact with customers and greatly influence the customer’s opinion about your product or organization as a whole. Customer service training should be an integral part of the training that is given to the service staff.

Training about organization’s policies: An organization has set policies and procedures and it is important that all its employees are aware of them. Therefore, a training program should give an orientation with respect to the organization’s policies and procedures. It also ensures that employees comply with all the necessary procedures to avoid any legal issues or litigations that can arise with customer complaints or lawsuits.

Overview of organization’s products or services: If training is for a service technician or a service engineer in an organization who is dealing with products, he should receive thorough product training apart from being trained on customer service. However, even if he is not part of the team that actually handles the product or provides a service, every support staff should have a basic idea about what their organization deals with. More often an employee is only aware of his/ her role and lacks its understanding in the ‘organizational context’. If he/ she gets an overview of the products or services that the organization deals with, he/ she will be in a better position to handle customer queries.

Handling difficult customers: It is also an opportunity to teach the employees how to handle difficult situations. There may be customers who are unhappy with a product and might come up with some complaint. Sometimes, they can be unruly and threatening. Preparing an employee to handle such customers in a way that it does not jeopardize the organization’s interest is necessary.

Service orientation: Employees in service line should be service-oriented. They are not doing ‘a job’ but are creating an experience for customers. Training provides an opportunity to emphasize this need – the need to create positive customer experience. Happy customers provide more business which in turn results in both employee and organizational growth.

Customers who are happy with the quality of service will continue to patronize your organization and perhaps give you increased business. Satisfied customers refer your services to their contacts and help increase your customer base. In some industries, more sales are made by the support staff than the sales force. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration if we say that training technical and commercial or service staff could result in more sales for an organization.

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  • It is especially valuable to add personality type training for the Service Staff. Understanding each other’s strengths gives the staff greater power to work together more effectively. This is very powerful because the staff can identify the type of the people they are serving and relate to them based on that person’s preferences.

  • You are right Pam, soft skills training to understand the personality types would really equip the service staff to work more effectively. Thanks for sharing your inputs.