Training Options for Sales Personnel

Training Options for Sales Personnel

Training Options for Sales Personnel

Identifying the best training options for your sales staff that not only fosters learning and development but ultimately helps boost the organization’s sales is not an easy task. Sales people are result-oriented action lovers. Hence, you need to think of activity-based training programs that involve a lot of learner participation. Thankfully, there are excellent resources available in the market today that provide you with a multitude of options. All you need to do is research your training options and choose the one that best suits your requirement. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

On site sales training: Sale training typically is initiated by the chief sales officer of the organization. Some organizations such as Xerox have developed their own comprehensive training modules for their sales personnel. However, not all organizations would have the ability or resources to offer such comprehensive training program internally. Therefore, organizations could hire external training providers to conduct onsite sales training. Such training workshops spread are across a day or two and comprise several sessions through the day covering various aspects of the selling process. The effectiveness of such programs largely depends on the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the service provider.

Off-site training programs: Many organizations opt for offsite training programs that are planned to be part-business and part-pleasure trip for the employees. Pleasure or sight-seeing activities are interwoven with the training programs. Sometimes team based games such as paint-ball are organized which are directed towards strategy building among the team members. Such trips are often part of the rewards program when sales people meet or exceed their targets.

Online sales training: There are many organizations that provide online sales training. Training can be delivered in many formats such as through CDs, Web-based training, Computer aided training using the company intranet and so on. They are a viable option for imparting quick product or process knowledge training, especially to a large sales force spread across a wide geographical area. They also are cost-effective and flexible as sales people can easily access it from the locations of their choice. Webinars, sales-casts, job-aids and many more resources could be useful components of such a training program, which can be customized to suit individual organizations.

All the above options are effective, however; the choice of the training program depends on the individual organizations and the needs of their sales staff. Additional questions we need to ask are – can sales training be confined only to just a couple of days in a year? There are bound to be new recruitments every few months. Would they have to wait for the next training cycle before being introduced to the finer points of the sale process and procedures unique to the organization? It would be beneficial if the sales team has easy access to a training program that is available to them on-demand all through the year. After all, learning is a continuous process!

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