4 Steps to Deliver Incredible Online Product Training

4 Steps to Deliver Incredible Online Product Training

Sales people play a key role in the success of any organization. Hence, companies leave no stone unturned to impart training of the highest quality to their sales people. One of the most important aspects of training provided to salespersons is the knowledge of products. Sales representatives need to have good knowledge of their products in order to convince prospective customers to buy them.

Many companies are using e-learning to train their sales people, as the training format is highly flexible and cost-effective. Furthermore, e-learning courses can be translated easily, enabling organizations to deliver product training to their global, multilingual sales staff.

We will now see how to impart excellent product training online for your sales professionals.

Delivering highly effective product training to the sales staff through e-learning

You need to follow the steps listed below to train your sales people on products in a highly effective manner online.

  1. Develop the right learning content
  2. Formulate a robust instructional strategy
  3. Use the right authoring tool to convert the learning content into e-learning courses
  4. Utilize a one-stop delivery platform that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere

Let us now see the steps in detail.

1. Develop the right learning content

Product training content for sales people needs to be made practical and useful to them. They need to be provided with information that is applicable to their jobs. The e-learning courses need to:

  • Explain the position of the product in the product portfolio
  • Give comprehensive information on the target audiences
  • List the features and benefits of the products
  • Provide details of accessories and ideas for bundling and cross-selling
  • Enable the learners to get all the information pertaining to annual maintenance contracts
  • Impart the knowledge necessary to the salesperson to compare your products with those of competitors
  • Contain tips for selling

2. Formulate a robust instructional strategy

When you design an e-learning program to impart product training to your people, you need to remember that there is no trainer present to give the occasional sales tip and raise the morale of the learners. Therefore, your instructional strategy should:

  • Enable the learners to clearly differentiate various products in a product family
  • Elucidate product disclosures and product messaging
  • Ensure that the learners understand complex terminology well, so that they will be able to explain the product better to the prospect
  • Create enthusiasm for subsequent learning
  • Help increase the confidence of the salesperson to face the prospect effectively
  • Facilitate easy updates to the learning content

3. Use the right authoring tool to convert the learning content into e-learning courses

The choice of the right authoring tool goes a long way in the making of a good product training course. You need to consider the following aspects when you select an authoring tool.

  • Degree of support to the instructional strategy
  • Ease of development
  • Facility to translate courses quickly into multiple languages
  • Ability to produce courses that are compatible with multiple devices, including mobiles of all kinds
  • Capability to produce SCORM-compliant courses so that they can be hosted on any Learning Management System (LMS) conforming to the learning technology standards and tracked

4. Utilize a one-stop delivery platform that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere

Finally, you need to host the course on an LMS. There are many proprietary LMSs available in the market. Alternatively, you can also consider using open source LMSs such as MOODLE. The following things need to be kept in mind while zeroing on an LMS.

  • Easy user interface with minimal steps to access a course
  • Handy tips and resources
  • Multiple-device compatibility
  • Effective support to collaborative learning in the form of wikis, discussion forums, etc.
  • Switchable interface providing multi-language compatibility
  • Strong user-support team to manage the platform


To impart good training on your products online, you need to make sure that you have the right content, formulate an effective instructional strategy, choose the right authoring tool to develop the courses, and use a powerful platform that brings to life the courses for your global sales force. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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