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Have You Considered Collating Your Existing Training Material Into E-learning?

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Have You Considered Collating Your Existing Training Material Into E-learning?

E-learning course development need not always be a Top-Down initiative. It can sometimes be a Bottom-Up venture.

Training in corporate organizations is not always formal training that is organized by the HR or L & D department. It is something that takes place all the time – when a new member is recruited in the team or when a new project or initiative is started.

There is usually no readymade training program available. Typically, a senior employee is assigned the task of training the other members in the team/department. This senior team member organizes his/her thoughts, collates information and perhaps uses a PowerPoint presentation to share the knowledge with others. HR or L & D may or may not be involved in these activities.

Now, in a large organization, there are so many teams and departments and in due course, there would be independent trainers functioning in the organization. Each one would have prepared their own training resources for their team members. In time, you would have a large pool of resources stuck in the isolation of a single team or department – lost with time!

What if you,

  • pooled these resources together,
  • classified the content,
  • gave them a structure and
  • formatted them

To create standardized eLearning courses that could be useful to a wider segment of the organization?

You would

  • ensure that training resources of one team benefits others in the organization
  • efforts are not duplicated across multiple teams
  • create a library of courses that can be used long-term

If you would like to know how you can convert your existing ILT materials into eLearning, check out this webinar titled, “Leveraging Existing ILT Resources through Rapid eLearning“. The webinar gives ideas on how to incorporate eLearning as a part of your overall training program. It also enables you to identify content that best suits the eLearning medium and gives tips on how to convert them into Rapid E-learning. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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