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Creative Ways to Implement Training Reinforcement Programs

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Creative Ways to Implement Training Reinforcement Programs

Training reinforcement programs are vital for the success of any training program. The manager conducts a follow up meeting with the employees where the main focus is to evaluate what they have learned after attending the training program.

There are various creative ways by which managers can effectively implement reinforcement programs:

  • Managers can schedule follow up meetings on a one to one basis to encourage the employees to share their thoughts and learning from the training program. Such meetings could help the managers determine the extent to which employees are able to recall what they have learnt during the training program.
  • Managers could also assess how employees are able to apply what they have learned during the training program in their jobs. Thus, these meetings could help determine the effect of the training program on job performance and also to remind the employees of the salient points learnt during the training program. This could help managers plan new techniques or methods to reinforce the knowledge or skills that are expected to be acquired.
  • Providing regular updates after the completion of the training program, at regular intervals of time, will enable the employees to have better assimilate what has been learnt during the training knowledge.
  • Assigning homework in the form of collecting additional information, creating a success story and so on could be another way to reinforce the learning. It also will ensure that the employees remain accountable and retain the information for a longer period.

Training reinforcement is therefore an important aspect to encourage employees and to enable employees to continue their learning process.

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