Are Your Training Programs Burdening Your Employees? Part-2

Are Your Training Programs Burdening Your Employees? Part-2

Are Your Training Programs Burdening Your Employees? Part 2

In my previous blog we have looked at various issues which demotivate the employees attending the online training courses. Here I have come out with solutions which could fix some of those issues.

1. Make learner know what the training is all about and why he should participate in it?

When you ask your employees to invest their valuable time in taking the online course, it’s your responsibility to respect your learner and tell him or her what the course is all about.

For this you have set clear learning objectives. For example before starting the course give them a challenging scenario or a problem and ask him to solve it. To solve it they search or think for more information. This becomes the basis for you to explain why they should take the course and what the training is all about.

2. Make the course more interactive and well designed:

Make your courses designed by professional instructional designers who are well versed in learning theories. Interactivities added to your courses using lectora, flash, articulate and other rapid authoring tools enthuse your learners to complete the course.

3. Make learning collaborative:

According to Christian Dalsgaard of the Institute of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark, “eLearning needs to engage students in an active use of the web as a resource for their self-governed, problem-based and collaborative activities”.

Some organizations, such as IBM, have begun offering a range of social networking tools such as blogs, discussion forums, wikis for collaboration and interaction between employees. The key idea behind such initiatives is to develop an inclusive learning environment, where learners are given an array of options to learn, contribute and interact with their peers.

Formalize the collaborative learning environment, as a part of your organization’s eLearning initiative to facilitate an effective learning environment in your organization.

4. Make learning applicable:

How to apply information is the most important aspect of the course. Rather than just making them know. Making them know how to apply the information makes the course more practical and relevant to the learner.

These are few ways you can make your learners feel enthusiastic about the online training programs. Have more to say please do share!

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