Training on WorkDay Through E-learning

Training on WorkDay Through E-learning

Training on WorkDay Through E-learning

We received a project from a reputed organization to train their employees on how to use their new HR tool – WorkDay. This tool was introduced to automate all HR-related processes and streamline them. Most of the processes had multiple steps, and often needed to be executed by employees of different designations (such as Co-Workers, Managers, HR Managers, HR Partners, etc.) and with varying levels of access rights and permissions.

We at Commlab had to develop 10 simulation videos in English, each having a minimum of 2-3 sub-processes. These were to be converted into 9 other languages within a span of 1 month.

The videos were meant to educate employees on how to execute different tasks based on their role and requirement. We handled this mammoth task by dividing the task into discrete steps and allocating teams with different expertise the responsibility of executing each step.

In this phase of the project, our target audience were only employees and managers. But often, the processes involved the action of more than these two roles in order to be completed successfully. To complete the process successfully, we logged in as all the roles involved and executed the process but incorporated steps specific only to employees and managers in the respective videos.

Project Requirements 

Task: Develop 10 simulation videos in mp4 format, in 10 languages (English + 9 translations)

Target Audience: Co-Workers and Managers


  • Job-aids (Word docs)
  • Access to WorkDay
  • Login details for different users

Duration: 4 weeks


Each individual process with multiple steps was to be encapsulated in a video. The video started with a series of ice-breaker questions to tell employees what to expect in the video. Each step in the process was introduced with a title. The ice-breaker questions and title screens were developed using Flash. Screen captures were done using Adobe Captivate. Both the Flash and Captivate components were converted to mp4 format and integrated as a single video using Adobe Premier.

The successful execution of this project depended on expertise in three fields: tool knowledge to capture screens, Captivate developers to aid in the screen captures, and Flash & Premier professionals.

We divided our experts into four teams.

Divide our experts

How did we do it?

How did we do it

Translation Process

We changed the language settings of WorkDay to capture screens in the required language and used the translated English text.

The four teams worked synergistically, as a comprehensive unit to achieve the desired result.

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