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Are Traditional Training Methods Adequate to Train Your Millennial Sales Force?

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Would conventional sales training programs such as sales meets, conferences or workshops be adequate to train your millennial sales force? Typically, millennial sales force, or Gen Y sales people, would have grown up with internet and mobile technology. They are tech-savvy, digitally connected, and rely heavily on new age technologies for most of their day- to- day activities. Bottom line, they are always wired and connected through multiple devices. Here are some of the typical characteristics of Gen Y.

  • They would like to acquire instant knowledge. They had grown up seeking information online through internet, rather than by visiting libraries.
  • They socialize through social media networks, are a part of a larger online community; and love to share ideas and experiences.
  • They grew up using multiple devices for communication, and intuitively take to technology, like a duck takes to water. They enjoy mobile applications and use them extensively for both education and entertainment.

Given this profile, what would be the best format to train the Gen Y Sales Force? Traditional training programs have their place, but may not be adequate for the millennial sales person. You need to think in terms of providing mLearning, or eLearning, through bite-sized modules easily accessible through multiple devices, enabling them to apply knowledge immediately. Though traditional classroom training has its place, it helps to integrate it into a technology enabled training environment, as that is what works best for the Gen Y or the millennial sales force.


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