Training Media to Deliver Quick and Effective Product Training – Part 2

Training Media to Deliver Quick and Effective Product Training-Part 2

Training Media to Deliver Quick and Effective Product Training-Part 2

In my last blog, we have seen how E-learning, webinars and Mobile apps can be used to impart product training. In this blog, we will look at some more methods.

1. Blending learning

Blended learning methodologies are very useful to impart hands-on training on products in a cost-effective manner. Especially if your need is to train your employees on products that are complex and when learners need to gain mastery over intricate concepts.

One of our clients, an Oil and gas company wanted to train employees on new product machinery to be used in an oil-rig. So, they used classroom sessions and workshops to train on the underlying concepts and handling of the equipment. Then, eLearning modules containing simulations were offered to the trainees to practice the steps of handling the machinery. Bite-sized sessions were used as ready references to the concepts learnt before the employees actually get down to work.

Blending learning

2. Videos

Videos can be used very effectively to impart product training. They are perfect tools to explain the functioning of products. They come handy in situations where the working of the products cannot be demonstrated live. Videos can be used to educate people about the features of a product, its advantages, its handling and any precautionary measures that need to be followed while using it. Videos can also be embedded in eLearning courses to enhance their efficacy.

Our client, a global leader in manufacturing creates technical videos of 5 to 6 minutes on their high-profile analytical instruments to train their sales and e-Marketing teams, thereby helping them reach out to more prospects.


3. E-books

E-books are widely used by companies to impart training to their staff. They can be used very effectively used as process and product manuals, user guides, etc. They can be accessed very easily and conveniently through mobile devices such as iPads and are very useful to deliver comprehensive knowledge of the product.

For instance, our client, a manufacturer of automotive spare parts, creates engaging flip books and eBooks with detailed information of their products to its sales employees as well as customers instead of boring manuals.


We thus see that webinars, videos, mobile apps and eBooks are some useful media to equip your sales people with the needed knowledge about your products, quickly and effectively. Hope you find this information useful. Do share if you wish to expand this list. We would love to hear your views.

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