Training Media to Deliver Quick and Effective Product Training – Part 1

Training Media to Deliver Quick and Effective Product Training

Training Media to Deliver Quick and Effective Product Training

One of the most important factors for organizations to succeed in today’s competitive landscape is the speedy launch of new products. The time-to-market of new products is critical to survive and succeed. Furthermore, the life cycles of most products are getting shorter due to rapid advances in technology.

On the other hand, if your sales employees are not rightly trained on your products, they will not deliver the right message to your potential prospects making it a competitor’s gain.

These factors are making it critical for organizations to impart quick and effective product training. Therefore, choosing the best training medium goes a long way in effective and quick knowledge transfer. In this blog, I will share with you a few methodologies that our clients have adopted to impart quick product training, that complement their classroom training sessions.

1. E-learning Courses

ELearning courses are flexible and allow learners to access the information about product updates and features anytime, anywhere. You can make online courses very interesting and effective. Using suitable instructional strategies such as scenarios and simulations, learners can be trained easily on the features of even highly complex products. With the advent of rapid authoring tools, you can quickly develop courses and update content.

A 60 minute, highly interactive online course can be developed in about 3 weeks. This makes eLearning the ideal format to deliver product training, and our clients successfully “synchronize” training with their product launches using this efficient medium.

E-learning Courses

2. Webinars

Webinars are ideal tools to educate sales people about the features and benefits of products in a flexible manner. Webinars hold the attention of learners for longer periods of time. Live webinars can be recorded and made available on-demand breaking the shackles of time and location as learners can access them whenever and wherever they want.

One of our clients, a precision weighing equipment manufacturing company develops lot of webinars to deliver training to a large audience at low cost. They translate the webinars into multiple languages and make them available to their internal sales, customer service staff and customers.


3. Mobile apps

We live in an era of mobile devices. These incredible handheld gadgets can be used to provide Just-in-time (JIT) support to learners in a very efficient manner. For example, while repairing an automobile, a mechanic can instantly get the needed information or some tips by accessing a bite-sized module on the product, through an app installed on his Smartphone. Or, a sales representative can quickly brush-up his product knowledge by accessing the concerned module on his mobile.

Mobile apps

E-learning, Webinars and Mobile apps are ideal to deliver quick and effective online training to your sales team. I will be sharing with you some more ways of delivering just-in-time knowledge in my next blog. Stay tuned to the second post.

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