7 Training Management Functions that You Cannot Overlook

7 Training Management Functions that You Cannot Overlook

Learning is finding out what you already know, Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know it as well as you do. We are all learners, doers, and teachers.

The word, training” or is it “learning” that must be used? Using the word “training”, is taboo now-a-days. The word “training” evolved into “learning” when some wise guy observed that “training” is for animals. He said that you don’t “train” human beings; you help them “learn”. So “training” became “learning”, “train” became “learn” and “trainer” became a “facilitator”. And a “training” manager became a “learning” manager. So much for history.

But what is training or learning manager supposed to do? What are his or her job responsibilities? What is the scope of “training or learning” function in an organization? Let’s quickly recap ALL that is included in “Training Management Function”. It, of course, begins with:

1. Training Needs Identification from performance appraisals, TNA surveys and also from the company’s business goals and plans.

2. These needs are then analyzed and categorized in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes (behavior). They are also categorized in terms of employee levels, departments and business units or divisions.

3. Once this data is in place, the training manager has to calculate the training effort in terms of the number of days of classroom training and or the number of hours of e-learning. He also has to decide which training has to be conducted in-house, with internal trainers, and which training with external trainers or experts on hand. In addition, he has to decide which trainees need to be sent to external training institutions.

7 Training Management Functions that You Cannot Overlook

4. Once these decisions are taken, a training calendar needs to be projected for the coming year.

5. Then comes projecting the training budget – ideally speaking. But most times, the poor man has to operate within a budget that the top brass has already decided right at the beginning without having the slightest clue about training. But then, that is how it is.

6. Assuming that there is a decent budget sanctioned, the training manager will then start implementing his training plan as per the calendar. Implementing training has its own horror stories which are universal, the main one being that the supervising managers will be most reluctant to release their subordinates for training, even though it is planned in advance. Or they will send people whom they can “spare”.

7. Once implementation starts, records have to be maintained, and reports have to be generated for the top brass or for the statutory authorities. He or she has to somehow justify that the money spent, is spent well.

These are some of the activities involved in a training management function in any organization. Are there any others which fall under the scope of training or learning function? What is additional role that a training manager in your organization does? Do share your thoughts.

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