Why Training is Important for Instructional Designers?

Why Training is Important for Instructional Designers?

Effective Qualities and Skills of an Instructional Designer

Do you think training the instructional designers is important? Does Training help to enhance their professional skills? What actually instructional designing means? Instructional designing is a process of creating a meaningful learning environment by analyzing and assessing the instruction specifications.

Job of an instructional designer(ID) is not just dumping the information with pretty visuals but to make learners know how to transform that information into useable knowledge.

Learning design is considered to be the cornerstone of good learning; effective instructional design makes the process of learning faster and efficient. Instructional designer should have the skillset of understanding and interpreting the client educational needs.

ID as a profession is similar to teaching because both their process is related to train and educate the learners. Only the difference exists the way the content is designed and developed. For an ID as a fresher undergoing the classroom training helps to orient and enhance their training skills.

An ID job role gets specific depending upon the specializations of an industry. For example if we take safety training industry, as an ID comes from different backgrounds here training an ID about safety training makes them aware of the process specific to their job role.

In some countries ID’s are recruited from different educational backgrounds like Management science, Engineering, Computer Applications and many more. So training an ID here helps to understand their job activities and improve their professional skills.

Training the instructional designers is important because as a fresher, the instructional designer cannot altogether handle the new job challenges in the field. So it helps to impart knowledge on how to handle the new job challenges.

Let’s imagine someone who never rode a bike is trying to teach someone how to ride a bike. Similarly for a new practitioner in the field of ID is a challenging task to accomplish their professional skills so here training can be a solution to overcome it.

Importance of Training:

Training the instructional designers will reap the benefits like:

  • Training helps to assess the training needs based on which the course is designed.
  • Training helps to learn different instructional models which are required to design an effective course.
  • Training makes them aware of how to analyze the client specification related to the course.
  • Training helps to select appropriate learning methods to attain the learning objectives of the course.
  • Training helps them to design effective instruction materials by using interactive visuals and audio files which in turn engage the learners.
  • Training ensures them to deliver the course with effective instructional strategies which accomplishes the learning objectives of the clients.

Hence it helps to enhance their professional skills and overcome on job challenges. As an instructional how did you cope up with challenges faced in job, kindly share with us.

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