Gen-Y Qualities that Matter When Planning Training Deployment [Infographic]

Gen-Y Qualities that Matter When Planning Training Deployment [Infographic]

It is a common understanding that different kinds of people work in an organization and each generation is different from the other. Let’s discuss about Gen-Y in the present context and understand the important aspects that are to be considered while planning a training program for this category of people.

Gen-Y are those people born after 1980’s.They are the ones who are social, enthusiastic, flexible, multi-tasking, and excellent communicators. So, in order to train Gen-Y, you need to first understand their unique skills. This helps in designing a course that’s more effective.

Secondly, they are tech savvy and use technology on a day-to-day basis through tablets, smart phones, iPhones etc. They like to be self-trained with the use of technology anytime, anywhere. On this front if they are restricted, they may rather avoid getting trained.

Gen-Y’s are target oriented and good team players and like to share their ideas and views in a group. Their performance will rise when such collaborative features are added on to LMS. Routing them towards new tasks and challenges with games and puzzles makes the course more interesting and challenging resulting to their better performance.

Also Gen-Y’s are said to be multi-tasking, like chatting with a friend and taking a byte-sized learning module. They may not complete the course at once but certainly they would complete the same at their pace and time. So, these are some of the factors that need to be kept in mind when planning training programs for Gen Y workforce. Here is an infographic that captures the typical qualities of Gen Y that need to be considered when designing training programs.

Gen-Y Qualities that Matter When Planning Training Deployment [Infographic]

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