Training Delivery Options for Various Types of Trainings

Training Delivery Options for Various Types of Trainings

Training Delivery Options for Various Types of Trainings

Different types of training requirements call for different types of training delivery. Some common modes of delivery are classroom-based Instructor-led training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Video Learning System, Computer-Based Training and Web-based training. In this back-to-the-basics post, you will look at each of these types and what they are best suited for.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led training or ILT is the practice of training given by an instructor, typically to a group. Instructors can also be referred to as facilitators, who may be knowledgeable and well-versed with the learning material, but can also bring more of their coaching, facilitation, and mentoring skills to deliver training to learners.
Best for Concept and skills training.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Virtual Instructor-Led Training blends the qualities of Instructor-Led classroom training with the convenience of a virtual, online classroom. Training is achieved via an easy-to-use web application. Classes include lectures, demonstrations and hand-on labs taught by highly-qualified and experienced instructors.
Best for:

  • Basic training
  • As a component of ILT
  • Facts, procedures, or basic skills training

Video Learning

Video is one of the most popular audiovisual media to be used in training. It can be used in place of an ILT. Using a video in a training session requires careful planning to ensure that it is used to its best effect.
Best suited for informational, motivational, and procedural content or if motion is required to teach content (exercise videos; driver’s education).

Computer-based Training (CBT)

Computer Based Training (CBT) or Computer Assisted Instruction or Tutorials refer to any instruction delivered through a computer. A CBT course can be delivered through specific software installed on a single computer, through CD ROM, or through a corporate or educational intranet.
Best suited for Subjects in which elaborate multimedia elements are required to facilitate learning.

Web-based Training (WBT)

Web-based training (WBT) refers to CBT delivered over the Internet. It can be delivered anytime in any part of the globe to anyone with Internet access. This has grown into something with immense possibilities, and comprises a world of skill improvement, enhancement of learning and understanding, and changing attitudes and behaviors over a period of time.
Best Suited for:

  • When the learners are globally scattered
  • Where the content requires frequent updates

Based on your training requirement, select the most appropriate mode of delivery.

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