Why Train Customers? – 3 Reasons

Why Train Customers? – 3 Reasons

Why Train Customers? - 3 Reasons

Do you have enough knowledge of your customers regarding their preference to a product/service that could determine its success or failure? To earn a leading edge in today’s fierce, competitive marketplace, training your customers is also becoming as important as training your workforce. In this blog, we shall discuss how eLearning could be used to effectively train your customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Ever came across an issue when even if the product had exciting features and is made with the best technology, yet the company could not boost its sale? According to businessZONE, “large number of customers appreciates the idea of staff personnel recommending products to them, making the whole experience personal”. (Source: Market Force Research).

Sometimes difficulty in handling the product or inability to understand its functionalities could also be a reason behind its low demand. eLearning could be very helpful in facilitating proper training and instructions to customers.

Online scenarios (critical life situations or events), and product training videos could allow customers to gain the ability to use a product/service for their benefits, which could build their trust in the product/service, and thus enhance their satisfaction.

Customer Retention through Less Errors

According to technicallymarketing.com, “customer power could not be taken lightly as people trust the recommendations from friends and family who are satisfied customers, and rarely trust direct mail”. (Source: Forrester). Person-to-person promotion is very powerful in business, and inefficiency in solving the problems of existing customers could prevent new people to join the company. Corporates should ensure that the same problem does not occur in the future.

If we consider the examples of customers who are using credit cards, insurance or medical policies, high-tech gazettes, software and so on, the need of training could be easily felt. eLearning training could effectively address the problems of customers of these kinds.

By incorporating best instructional designing and multimedia features into online tutorial classes and training simulations, processes, procedures, complexities and benefits of products/services can be explained to customers. Furthermore, online courses could also allow customers to track their performance in training on a specific product/service on the basis of scores or grades, which could help build their confidence in using such a product/service.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive business environments, gaining a competitive advantage demands fast and accurate decisions, timely delivery, fast product/service launches and meeting customers’ expectations faster than your competitors. In such a situation, training your customers could be the best idea, which could allow you to lead your counterparts.

The advantage of training customers is that trained customers could better convey their expectations from the products/services as well as suggest new ways of improvements, which could allow companies to bring new changes in market, thus gaining a leading edge. E-learning courses could be used to train customers on using the online medium to share their product experiences and suggest new design requirements, if any, which could allow companies to make better and fast decisions regarding product/service launches. In addition, offering online instructional videos, presentations, training simulations, scenarios and video/audio access to customers could help to increase the brand value of any organization, thus creating a large customer base (old and new).

E-learning could be very effective in imparting knowledge and educating your customers about the new trends in the marketplace. As we have understood how training customers could benefit both companies and customers, how do you like the idea of initiating training for your customers?

If you have any suggestions regarding training your customers, please do share your views and ideas with us; we would really appreciate to hear from you.

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