Is Training Your Channel Partners Worldwide a Costly Affair?

Is Training Your Channel Partners Worldwide a Costly Affair?

Channel partners are lifelines to your business organization. They play an important role in reaching your customers. Business is becoming increasingly dependent on your channel partners and training them along with your internal employees has become imperative. For example, consider a famous Chocolate manufacturing company.

It obtains its raw materials from farmers. They train the farmers in order to extract more productivity and better quality of the crop. The raw material obtained from farmers is processed and converted to the finished product. This part of operation is done by the organization itself in some locations and is outsourced in some other locations. For outsourced parties, in order to meet the standard product output, the organization trains them. The finished products are distributed worldwide. The firm has dealers and sales channel partners throughout the world to make its product available to customers globally. It conducts training to all these business partners (982) worldwide in order to ensure effective sales.

Can you imagine what could be the cost of all these trainings? If the training is through instructor-led training sessions, what would be the cost? If training is through eLearning, the cost could be reduced by huge margins but can it be implemented in areas where employees are not tech savvy?

A better option would be to adopt eLearning methods wherever possible and class room training where eLearning is not possible. To deliver, maintain and track such blended training, a standard LMS plays a significant role in reducing the costs involved. But delivering it through a single standalone LMS may pose some data security issues because many organizations do not want to allow third-party agents to access their internal secured LMS.

Our own recent experience shows that most of our customers have set up two and in some cases more LMS’ – for their channel partners, for their customers, for their service teams and so on. One of our customers, a world leader in Dialysis machines, has set up more than 10 installations in 10 countries. Setting up two or more LMSs involves huge costs. Due to this many of those organizations choose Moodle.

The reason to choose Moodle as an add-on LMS is the cost factors. Commercial LMSs are costing them a bomb for the installations and customizations. Moodle being an open source LMS is offering the best possible solutions according to their requirements at a lower cost.

The trend also shows that organizations do not want to buy the top-of-the-breed brands. Rather they are interested in getting the smaller, less-known brands and focus more towards open source LMSs like MOODLE. The reason for this could be better customer service, highly economical costs and a focused delivery to the target learner audience.

Let us see the typical costs involved in setting up an add-on LMS (Moodle) in my next blog.

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