Train the Trainer E-Course for Engaging Classroom Sessions

Train the Trainer E-Course for Engaging Classroom Sessions

Train the Trainer E-Course for Engaging Classroom Sessions

Richard is a SAP expert, in a large software company. Recently, the company implemented the ERP system for one of its clients, and he was tasked with conducting classroom sessions to train the client’s super users. Richard had never trained learners before and was not confident of delivering the training effectively.

Richard is not alone. Many a time, specialists in various fields need to conduct classroom training sessions, and they may be diffident as they are training for the first time. Alternately, training a live audience can make new trainers jittery, at times. In some cases, even experienced trainers may need to polish their delivery skills, especially when they need to train a new batch of trainers. To address these needs of classroom trainers, CommLab India, a company that has been providing corporate training solutions since 2000, has come up with an e-course Train the Trainer. The e-course is structured as 5 microlearning nuggets – in various formats – each dealing with a specific aspect of delivering face-to-face training.

What are these bite-sized resources and how do they help?

Micro Module 1: Format – Interactive Infographic

This bite-sized resource helps you know your audience. The infographic highlights the aspects you need to consider to get a good idea of the participants and the skills required by them to perform effectively at work. Explore adult learning principles – a solid understanding of these principles lets you ensure your session is of value to your learners and addresses their needs. It also helps you interpret the body language of your learners. Body language helps you gauge their response to your presentation and “modulate” the presentation accordingly.

Micro Module 2: Format – Flipbook

This learning nugget helps you prepare for delivering the classroom training session. You will understand your role of presenting information and facilitating learning. It explains how you can master the learning content and personalize the session to help your learners connect with it. It also shares tips to overcome anxiety, the importance of practice, and provides suggestions to maximize the impact of your presentation.

Micro Module 3: Format – Whiteboard Animation 

This microlearning resource covers the 3 aspects involved in ensuring the effective delivery of your session. It provides tips to start the presentation with an impact and pull learners instantly into it. The bite-sized resource enables you to convey the intended message well, build on the learners’ current level of knowledge, and support the message to ensure learners understand better. It also lists the best practices of closing the topic and ending the session successfully.

Micro Module 4: Format – Bite-sized Module 

This mini course offers suggestions on a key element of your presentation – your appearance and behavior. Your appearance matters a lot because the way you dress affects learners’ impression of you, and will have a major impact on your presentation. The course also provides tips to get your tone right – sound confident and assertive, not condescending – while talking to your audience. Explore tips on being in command of the session and confident in your movements and attitude.

Micro Module 5: Format – Quiz-based Course

This bite-sized resource shares valuable tips that help you engage your learners in an effective manner. The module highlights the need to pose questions and provides insights into the various types of questions and their purpose. It explains how to deal with participants with different mindsets. It helps you effectively handle “problem” participants who disrupt the training session and ensure that the session proceeds smoothly.

You can also attempt a comprehensive assessment after completing all the microlearning modules. The assessment is gamified and helps you evaluate your abilities to present content in a classroom, effectively, in a fun-filled manner. Thus, the e-course Train the Trainer enables you to make your training sessions engaging.

Train the Trainer eCourse: Microlearning Nuggets