Train the Trainer E-learning Course to Power up Your Training Skills

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Train the Trainer E-learning Course to Power up Your Training Skills

Highly qualified and experienced professionals are often asked to conduct classroom training sessions to transfer the special skills and knowledge they possess to their employees. However, not all of these highly qualified and experienced professionals are qualified to conduct engaging and result-oriented training sessions for adults. For an experienced professional to become a sought-after and much-admired trainer, he needs expert guidance, and ‘Train the Trainer’ courses are becoming increasingly popular to cater to the needs of these professionals.

On the event of thanksgiving, CommLab India has launched a Train the Trainer e-learning course for those who wish to invigorate their training expertise.

The course takes you through various topics such as:

1.Understanding your audience

This is the first aspect of training adults; the course introduces you to the principles of adult learning and their importance. The course also provides tips on how to understand your audience(based on their demo graphics, job roles, and cultural differences).

The course also takes you through the important topic of understanding the different learning styles of your audience, which will help you adjust your training session according to your audience’s learning preferences.

2. Preparing yourself as a trainer

The next aspect is to prepare yourself. How do you do that? First and foremost is attitudinal preparation. You must understand that as a trainer, your role is that of a leader. You are a leader, leading a group of people through the journey of learning. You should enter the classroom with this attitude, and it goes without saying that you need to have an extremely high level of command over the subject you are going to teach.

As aa person in charge of the session, you should not go on the stage with an attitude of a sage, but rather as a friend who is there to help people understand. There are a few must-have facilitation skills fora trainer which will help you get the group follow your lead; these skills will be touched upon in the course, followed by an interesting drag and drop interactivity.

3. Following the principles of effective delivery

The course introduces you to the principles of effective delivery, through a concept called BOMBER-B which is adapted from ‘The Business Presenter’s Pocketbook’, by John Townsend. Right from beginning the training session with a bang, covering the topic, to finishing the course with a bang, the course takes you through the important principles of facilitating a classroom session.

4. Applying delivery skills

The course will touch upon skills such as maintaining assertive body language, conducting classroom activities, moving on the floor, maintaining eye contact, differing your tone, modulating your voice, and much more. These principles are introduced to you through engaging visuals and examples.

5. Engaging and conquering your audience

The next thing you need to learn is how to engage your learners and conquer them in a positive manner. The course shares some practical tips and tricks to engage the audience in a classroom setup. And then you have an assessment that emulates real world classroom situations and asks you to choose the appropriate response for a particular situation.

After you finish the course, you will be certified as a Power Trainer by CommLab India. The course is highly interactive and filled with information that will quickly put you on track to becoming an effective stand-up trainer. Access the course now to power up your training skills.

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