How To Train Geographically Dispersed Workforce Quickly And Effectively?

How To Train Geographically Dispersed Workforce Quickly And Effectively?

Companies across the world have following the trend of globalization for new market opportunities. This led to the expansion of their workforce exponentially. Now, a big question arises as to how quickly can you train this workforce, so as to make them ready for the job. In this regard, cost-efficient training methods like eLearning could help companies meet training challenges in the age of globalization. Let us see how eLearning can help reduce training costs.

E-learning is cost effective: E-learning is a boon for companies which face financial problems like travel expenses of trainers and learners, printed material costs and other opportunity costs. E-learning solutions are not only cost-effective, but they are also effective because you can incorporate various interactivities, scenarios and games to keep learners engaged. According to a study by Caterpillar University, the training arm of Caterpillar, Inc, when similar training programs are compared, eLearning emerged as less expensive to deliver. The same study says that the savings can increase to 40%, if 100 trainees take the same course online.

E-learning courses can be easily standardized: Self paced eLearning solutions are consistent in format and delivery of the content. You can enrich your e-learning from collective insights of various instructors, as this is not dependent on any one instructor. Hence, learners are not affected by poor delivery styles. It also makes acquisition of knowledge effective and simple.

E-learning can be rolled out rapidly on a global scale: If you want to roll out training modules for your global workforce and time is the constraint, then eLearning can solve your problem. By using rapid authoring tools, you can roll out eLearning courses within a week.

For example, you have launched a new product and need to train you global sales force quickly on the product’s features within a short time. So, in this situation, you can take the help of eLearning and use rapid authoring tools to create training manuals in a time bound manner.

E-learning solutions can be easily updated: Corporate world is becoming very dynamic,so there is a need to update training material rapidly. Earlier, this was very a arduous task but now it can be done easily with help of rapid authoring tools. Even SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) or managers can make changes in eLearning courses without the help of developers. This reduces the need to add footnotes to the old content and make fresh and authentic content available to the learners. According to a report published by, 72% of companies are comfortable in keeping their training course up to date using eLearning.

E-learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime: E-learning courses can be accessed from any part of the world, provided you have an Internet connection and a supportive device. This can be done by LMS i.e. Learning Management System. It is a software application which is used to administer, document and track reports and deliver the online content.

By using an LMS, you can train many employees who live in different locations and speak different languages. So, it cuts the cost and simplifies localization. This process includes uploading documents, videos and other media to a secure eLearning center by a cloud based network. Employees can access these materials from any device connected to the Internet. So, it reduces training costs by eliminating the need for employees and trainers to travel.

So, if you are growing globally and need to train your workforce, you can easily harness the power of eLearning and enhance your productivity.

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