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Can we Train Bank Tellers through eLearning?

Written By Manisha Reddy K

Can we Train Bank Tellers through eLearning?

A teller is a bank employee, who directly deals with most of its customers. They are the front line for banks. A bank teller job is to provide valuable services to customers, by handling variety of tasks such as accepting deposits, processing withdrawals, opening new accounts, selling savings bonds, cashing checks and the list goes on! Though the ATMs and Net Banking are performing a few of the Teller’s tasks, there are innumerable tasks, which they can’t do!

Banks, usually give one week of formal class-room training, followed by on-the-job training. During on-the-job training, tellers observe their seniors before actually doing their job.

E-Learning is an emerging training medium, as it replaces the traditional classroom trainings, by providing reusability to banks and anytime-anywhere learning for employees. Some advantages of training through elearning are:

  • Standardization is the main benefit of eLearning. Banks can standardize their trainings though eLearning. As the same course can be translated into many languages it can be accessed by its global employees.
  • Tellers need to be knowledgeable about the various banking transactions and the different processes involved. The processes can be taught through interactive eLearning modules, and the learner can attempt the practice exercises containing scenarios they generally face on their job. Tellers learn handling common transactions they handle on their job.
  • Tellers also need to be competent in using various software and internet applications, to fulfill their daily responsibilities. Through eLearning they can learn about the tool via simulations, which demonstrate the steps of how tasks are performed. They watch the simulations and can try those steps in acting software, before actually performing them on their job. This way employees are less prone to make mistakes on actual job.

Banks are often worried about the costs involved in training the bank teller, but unaware of the end result from implementing eLearning for their employees. When valuable training is provided to employees, they deliver results with less or no errors, which finally gives good ROI!

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