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The Top 5 E-learning Infographics of 2014

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The Top 5 E-learning Infographics of 2014

Hi everybody., We have been creating a lot of Infographics on various topics, since the beginning of this year. These infographics provide a quick idea and an overview of the topic and are quite popular with professionals as they don’t have time to read long blogs. As we move into the second half of the year, I would like to provide you with the best Infographics that were so far uploaded in 2014, so that you have key information nicely packaged together for quick access.

1. Making E-learning Courses More Tablet-friendly

Organization are focusing more on learning solutions that work on tablets. To ensure that their investments are fruitful, there are some important factors that one should consider before making courses for tablet PCs. Click on the link below to access the info graphic that shares a few secrets that could prove handy.

Click Here to view Infographic

2. 5 Benefits of Using Mobile Learning for Corporate Training

Everybody is talking of mobile learning, mLearning and byte sized learning. What are the advantages of using mobile learning for corporate training? Follow the link below to view an infographic that visually depicts the benefits of using mobile learning.

Click Here to view Infographic

3. Importance of Safety Travel Training in E-learning

A number of employees are travelling extensively as part of their regular duties. How can you ensure the safety of staff members, while they travel? This is an infographic that will show you how training can help create awareness among the staff members and avoid undesirable incidents.

Click Here to View Infographic

4. Top Trends in E-learning

Have you ever wondered about the latest trends in the world of eLearning? Below is the link to a nice infographic that clearly provides the information about the latest trends in eLearning and its impact on business.

Click Here to View Infographic

5. 7 Quality Tips to Make an Effective E-learning Course

E-learning is one of the important component of corporate training. How do you ensure that eLearning adds value to the business by improving the productivity of employees?

Here is the link to an interesting infographic on the best practices for eLearning development.

Click Here to View Infographic

Hope that you enjoyed going through the infographics and got some insights into different aspects pertaining to eLearning, mLearning and more. Do share your thoughts about their relevance to your particular domain.

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