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Check Out The Who is Who of Corporate Training and E-learning

Michael Jackson, Steve jobs, James Cameron… Who are these people?

We all know that Michael Jackson was a pop singer and a dancer, who influenced and inspired many people with his music and dancing skills. Steve Jobs, an IT industry influencer, has made people follow his marketing strategies. James Cameron, a Canadian filmmaker, has inspired many of us with his film-direction skills. In the same way, we also have many e-learning influencers whom we need to follow to learn their strategies of designing and developing e-learning courses. Here is a list of some top e-learning influencers whom you need to know about.

Craig Weiss:

Craig Weiss
He is a thought leader in e-learning, analyst and the author of E-learning 24/7 blog. Craig is one of the most influential persons in the world for e-learning (2015). His recent report is on LMS, covering everything about it including administration “ Top 50 LMS’s for 2016,” which is to be published in 2016.

Connie Malamed:

Connie Malamed
She is an e-learning informal and visual designer. She has a master’s degree in Instructional Design & Technology. Connie wrote 2 books titled Visual Design Solutions and Visual Language for Designers.

David Anderson:

David Anderson
He is the Community Manager at Articulate and an E-learning Designer.

Christopher Pappas:

Christopher Pappas
He is the founder of eLearning Industry, which is the largest network of e-learning professionals, more than 75,000 in number. He runs many other sites such as Viva eLearning, eLearning Feeds, eLearning Tags and more. He is an eLearning blogger and analyst.

Cammy Bean:

Cammy Bean
She is the VP of Learning Design at Kineo and the author of the Accidental Instructional Designer. She designs and develops corporate training and e-learning programs.

Ryan Tracey:

Ryan Tracey
He is the author of the E-learning Provocateur blog and an E-learning manager for an Australian-based financial service company AMP. He is a blogger and an environmental scientist.

Jane Hart:

Jane Hart
She is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT), one of the world’s most visited learning sites on the Web. She is the author of the Social Learning Handbook 2014. She is a writer and an Independent Workplace Learning & Collaboration Adviser.

Patti Shank:

Patti Shank
She is the founder of Learning Peaks LLC. She knows how people learn. She fosters learning and growth in people and organizations. She is an author, writer, and facilitator.

Elliott Masie:

Elliott Masie
He is the CEO at MASIE Productions. He is the editor of Learning TRENDS, an Internet newsletter. Elliott is an author, learning advocate and researcher.

Rebecca Stromeyer:

Rebecca Stromeyer
She is the Founder of eLearning Africa, the Director of ICWE GmbH, and Chairman of the Board of the award-winning web portal “Course Finders.” She organizes events related to education and training.

Tom Kuhlmann:

Tom Kuhlmann
He is the Chief Learning Architect at Articulate. Being the most experienced person in the training industry, he writes blogs about Rapid E-learning. He is passionate about learning and technology. Tom has a master’s in Education Technology.

Laura Overton:

Laura Overton
She is the Managing Director of Towards Maturity. She is passionate about helping organizations develop an e-enabled learning culture. She has to her credit over 30 major research reports. She was honored with the Colin Corder Award 2010 for her significant and lasting contribution to the learning industry.

Hope you find this post informative. Please do add on to this list, in case I have missed any other person in this field.

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