Effective eLearning Devices – Tools to Impart Corporate Training

Effective eLearning Devices – Tools to Impart Corporate Training

Take a look at the learning devices used to impart training – whether product training, process training or application training. These devices involve the learner intellectually, emotionally and physically. Each device has a unique objective.

Scenarios: A scenario situates the learner as listener or observer of an unfolding story wherein the story deals with a possible situation involving decision or action.

Role Play: This is similar to a scenario but involves the learner in actively making a set of decisions based on a situation.

Reflection: A reflection prompts the learner to think and leads him or her to self-awareness about his behavior and thought.

Practice Test: It tests a learner’s knowledge or application of it.

Reckoner: Provides an overview of key ideas, concepts, etc, in a concise way, either textually, visually or both.


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Testimonials: Exposes the learner to the view point of a real or imaginary character.

Branching Narrative: It is similar to a scenario but involves a basic storyline that branches off into independent scenarios which might eventually be tied together as a moral.

Information: Information is presented in a direct manner.

Job Aid: It assists in on-the-job transfer of learning through a Just-Enough snapshot of key learning.

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  • Gina

    I try to offer scenarios that most of my trainees can relate to. The main job aid that I currently use is handouts. I believe that they are a great way to deliver the information and hold trainees’ attention during lectures or presentations. Typically they come in the form of crossword puzzles, PowerPoint slides, writing assignments, or informational sheets.

  • Gina, Thanks for sharing your views.

  • Stephen Cheney

    There are many aids to learning, both physical: such as communication instruments; and mental: such as training methods and lesson plans.

    An impediment to learning is a lack of confidence, or a failure syndrome. The brain is not going to readily accept the input of new learning if it is immersed in an emotionally blocked state of inner criticism.

    For instance, if I happen to be teaching a new student, who may be a small child, Self Defense. All of their body language radiates a lack of confidence, and also they may be looking at Black Belt teachers who are large adults. Through self-belittlement and fear their mind gives up on the task of learning before they even start any normal training.
    Therefore I boost their confidence by teaching some simple devastating techniques, easy to do, astounding results. Such as throwing adults heavily by using just two fingers and nerve pressure points. When they do this, suddenly their mind realizes their own power, they are not helpless any more, and intrigued and exited, they thirst to learn more. Their mind is now open to the intimidating world, to explore it undaunted, striding forth as a newly made warrior, and not cringing away as a victim.
    For some students of physical subjects, the mind needs to be engaged and attitude changed prior to the body being ‘taught’ by the physical exercises.

    Repetition of the lessons given aids the learning. But there is only so much time in class to learn and too much repeating in class would narrow the amount of material that could be covered. So the student must go home and study on their own. To assist this I give out Handouts. The Handouts not only include study material, but also notes and suggestions on HOW to study it.

    Storyline Learning:
    One of the ancient forms of combat that I do utilizes Storyline Teaching to train students. The art has many techniques, but they are all encapsulated and expressed in following an ancient story. Just as cultural dances, opera, ballet all show their magic through story telling. As the interesting story is remembered: so too are the techniques that weave it together. Like in the living cell where RNA copies from a DNA mother-strand of molecular information and the magical moments of life result. For this specific art there are also moral lessons of fighting evil, of persevering against stronger forces, of finding one’s strong inner self; of, whatever one is doing, to remain aware of the surrounding environment and the changes that occur within it. As when within your local environment, the objects and people it change, that needs to be noticed as there may then need to be a corresponding change in yourself. What you cannot see or perceive, you cannot do.

    These methods can be extended and modified in other subject training such as business strategies.