6 Tips to Set Effective Learning Objectives

6 Tips to Set Effective Learning Objectives

6 Tips to Set Effective Learning Objectives

Learning objectives determine all that a learner will be able to benefit from after completing the online learning course. So, it is very essential to set clear and effective objectives that give the learner a brief understanding of why he or she should take up the elearning course and how it would be beneficial to him or her.

Here are six ways that help to set effective learning objectives for your online learning courses.

1. Analyze the Content

To set the correct learning objectives, it is essential to analyze the content. It helps us to understand the importance of the course and how it would be beneficial to the learner.

2. Keep it Simple and Brief

A learning objective should be a simple statement that tells a learner about the importance of the course. Avoid long paragraphs because they may create misinterpretation or confusion in the learners.

Keep it Simple and Brief

3. Presenting the Objectives

Instructional designers can refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognitive behavior to get the appropriate words to present the objectives in a comprehensible way.

4. Language of Learning Objectives

Langauge plays an important role in any objective. Avoid educational jargons and complex terms as they increase the complexity of the course. Convey your objective using simple terms that are easy to understand and retain in memory for a long time.


In short, an objective must be SMART; that is, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. These five elements build an effective learning objective.They help a learner obtain better results.

6. Align with Activity and Assessments

To know if the learner has achieved the objective of the course, it is essential to include different activities and assessments with their respective objectives. If a learner is successful in attempting the assessments, it means that he or she has met the objective of the course.

Align with Activity and Assessments

These six ways help me set effective learning objectives. Please do share, if you want to add more to this list.

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