Three Steps To Sell E-Learning In Organizations [Free Webinar]

Three Steps To Sell E-Learning In Organizations [Free Webinar]

Your job doesn’t end with creating a cutting-edge e-learning product. Marketing using proper strategies should be done for your initiative to take off in the desired direction. Why? Learners or the customers of your product generally go through stages like awareness, interest, evaluation and trail before adopting your product. Using an effective marketing strategy would help the learner transition through those phases as quickly as possible.

Want to know more about how to market your e-learning product, which strategies to adopt and how to evaluate it? Check out the webinar 1-2-3 steps to sell e-learning in your organization which gives you an overview about the following

  • Challenges in Marketing eLearning
  • Concepts – Consumer adoption and the Product Life Cycle (PLC)
  • Strategies to market eLearning through its Product Life Cycle
  • Evaluation of the marketing and sales effort

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