3Fs to Secure Funding for Your E-learning

3Fs to Secure Funding for Your E-learning

3Fs to Secure Funding for Your E-learning

Are you a training manager who fully understands the benefits of eLearning? Are you facing a tough time convincing your boss to make a move to eLearning? Then this blog is for you.

You are aware that in these tough times of budget cuts and tight schedules, most organizations are guided by one principle – RESULT ORIENTATION.

Therefore, you may not be surprised if your boss demands to know how eLearning would improve things in your company. Well, let me share 3 tips that can help you solidly present your case for eLearning.

1. Figures strengthen your point

You are aware that eLearning is cost effective and saves a lot of time. But how do you convince your boss that this format reduces your firm’s training budget? The answer is presenting concrete figures. You need to provide comprehensive information to your boss about how eLearning can substantially reduce training costs. You may like to include these to prove your point that eLearning is far cheaper than instructor led training (ILT) courses:

  • Reduces or eliminates the need to travel and consequently travel and boarding expenses
  • No cost of trainers and facilities
  • Saves printing costs as there is no need to print tons of material
  • eLearning courses are easy to update
  • Reusability removes the need for repeated presence of the instructor, thereby reducing costs
  • According to eLearningindustry.com, eLearning reduces time for training by 60%.

This website further states that training expenditure is cut by at least 50% by replacing classroom training with eLearning. According to a report released by IBM, companies who utilize eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%. For every $1 that company spends, it’s estimated that they can receive $30 worth of productivity.

2. Features of eLearning help you prove it is effective

You need to convince your boss that eLearning can be used to provide effective training to your people. After all, training is provided to improve the performance of your staff. These features of eLearning can help you pitch your viewpoint:

  • The learner is no longer bound by “fixed timings” of classroom sessions
  • Enables one to study at his own pace and this goes a long way in personalizing the learning
  • E-learning helps unleash the instructional power of multimedia
  • Simulations help acquire mastery over procedures and processes
  • A fun-filled environment can be created through gamification

Furthermore, gamification of eLearning can be used to motivate learners to acquire the needed knowledge and skills. Awarding badges and certificates to “winners” of learning games motivates other learners to perform better as they try to win these badges and certificates for themselves. It is common knowledge that a motivated learner is a better learner.

3. Flexibility of eLearning makes it a winning proposition

E-learning has opened the doors to anytime, anywhere learning. Today, your organization need not lose precious working hours to training, thanks to the flexibility offered by this incredible format of training. Your learners can schedule their learning at times suitable to them, without interrupting their work. Thus, eLearning helps your people to control their learning.

You can use these points to prove that eLearning is very cost-effective and a highly efficient format of training with unparalleled flexibility. I’m sure that your boss, even if he is a real tightwad, will accept your idea. After all, he would like to improve productivity at low costs in quick time. Wouldn’t he? What do you think?

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