5 Tips to Reduce E-learning Course Development Time

5 Tips to Reduce E-learning Course Development Time

Are you facing problems in meeting online course development deadlines? Are you spending time developing “common” screens that every course contains? If yes, then stop worrying right away. I’ve come up with 5 important tips to help you work better and develop your course on time.

Design a Welcome Screen:

Every course has a welcome screen with the course name and a relevant image. Only the presentation style differs. Design a standard welcome screen, which you can later align according to the eLearning course standards.

Welcome Screen

Design a Navigation Screen:

We also include a navigation screen, where we guide learners about the navigational features of the course. If you have a standard navigation screen ready, you can later change its design according to your course standards.

Navigation Screen

Design a Getting Started Screen:

This screen usually contains the course description; it tells you how long it will take to complete it.It also tells you about the target audience. Design a screen which contains all this information. Do not worry about its design because you’ll need to change it according to the course standards.

Getting Started Screen

Have Some of the Standard Interactivities Ready:

We use many standardized interactivities frequently, such as click on tabs, click on images, click on umbers, slideshows, etc. It is a good idea to have these standard interactivities ready as you can directly import them into your working file and align them as per the needs of the content.

Standard Interactivities

Create a Standard Library:

Now, collect all these standard screens in a single file and arrange them in a sequence like a starter course template. You can call it a standard library where you’ll have all the standard templates ready for use. Again, do not worry about the design or alignment of these screens.

These 5 tips are of great use and help you lessen the course development time. For more information on efficient eLearning development, please visit Commlab India’s website.

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  • jamie resker

    I like the example of the navigation screen and how you used the clickable numbers to let learners walk through the features!

  • Thank you Jamie