3 Excellent Ways to Promote your E-learning Course

3 Excellent Ways to Promote your E-learning Course

James was a training manager in charge of launching an online software development course. It had all the attributes of a perfect eLearning course – relevant content, proper flow, right use of the media – it has it all. But the course did not become popular in his organization for one major reason and that was poor promotion.

So, how can you effectively promote your eLearning course? Well, you may like to hear the experience of one of our clients. We developed a course for this client who is a bigwig in the automotive space. This client adopted 3 novel techniques that resulted in their course becoming a super-duper hit. Now let me share more about these ‘innovations’.

1. Making a poster of an ‘avatar’ used in the course

You realize that creating curiosity in the staff about your online course is critical to its success. But how do you make sure that everyone in the organization knows about the course and enquires about it? Well, our client came up with an ingenious idea. They made a life-size poster of an avatar used in the course and displayed it at various places in their office, such as cafeteria, conference halls, etc., which are regularly visited by the people. This naturally aroused the curiosity of the staff and everyone started enquiring and talking about this avatar. After all, we humans are inquisitive? Aren’t we? A clever way of promoting your course indeed!

2. Providing goodies to those who register for the course

This was another technique that worked wonders for our client. The client used an LMS to track the registrations for their course and every employee who registered for the course received a welcome kit that contained a T-shirt, earphones and a small booklet with details about the course. This promotional offer was widely publicized through e-mails and the Intranet with catchy slogans. It is no surprise that the staff queued up to sign for the course. A good way to make people register for the course. Isn’t it?

3. Using a wallpaper to inform

This went a long way in increasing course registrations. Our client created a wallpaper that effectively described the benefits of the course. The wallpaper had a very attractive design and appeared on the screen everyday as the employee logged on to his computer. This was done at the right time – 3 weeks prior to the launch of the course. This had the desired effect and the course became very well-known within the organization.

Thus, our client through these out-of-box techniques had made their course a bestseller. Do you have similar experiences? Please share them with us.

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