4 Tips to Promote your eLearning Courses

4 Tips to Promote your eLearning Courses

4 tips to promote your elearning courses

We see organizations investing a lot of money to build attractive and interactive custom eLearning courses for their employees. But will even a relevant, interactive course be accepted by the learners and result in buy-ins from customers? Unfortunately the answer is ‘No’. So how does one go about to make sure that his eLearning works are utilized or sold on the market?

If you want to make your courses successful and see a positive Return on your Training Investments (ROI), then you must generate attention for your eLearning courses. Like any other product or service eLearning courses should also be promoted. We have witnessed many organizations spending considerable amounts money on building eLearning courses and then finding out that there were no takers all, because they failed to increase awareness about eLearning and the possibilities inherent within eLearning. The many benefits of eLearning lay undiscovered and no one saw it as a solution to a mass training needs of corporates with a global work forces.

Generating a buy-in or interest looks like a simple task but needs a great deal of strategizing/planning. Only a well-thought of communication or a marketing plan can help your eLearning to be accepted.

Here are some tips that can help you create awareness for your eLearning courses

1. Start early with your promotions:

It is always better that you start promoting your initiative before you launch the courses. Your marketing efforts should start simultanej ously with your eLearning development. This will give learners enough time to understand and explore more about this mode of learning.

Once you are clear with the communication intent or your goals, decide on the promotional tool. You can use your intranet, staff magazines, marketing campaigns and posters/Leaflets to communicate.

2. Share the benefits and not the features:

The instant we think of “promotions” we start promoting the features. But learners will never accept a change/new thing if they do not see any benefit out of it however good you eLearning course may be. So your message should talk about the benefits learners would get, directly or indirectly, if they opt for eLearning.

Share the reasons “why you are investing in and implementing eLearning”, “What are the perceived benefits” and “how does it help them with their learning problems” to get a better buy-in or result.

3. Get support from your top management:

Employees are more likely to take/enroll for the courses if they see a highly influential person backing this eLearning initiative or if they see the top management team getting involved in the promotions.

So first sell your idea to the top management and take their help to motivate the learners. Team leads or Managers can be your primary sources of marketing and also the subject matter experts who can influence the peers and learners.

4. Increase efforts on course roll-out:

Don’t stop your promotions with roll-out of your eLearning courses; actually you need to increase your efforts.

Make the first module available to everyone. Come up with a sustained communication plan to remind learners about the trainings that are available, enrollment details, why and by when they should complete the courses.

Capture and share the success stories of learners who have completed the courses and improved their competence.

I hope these simple tips gave you a quick overview on importance of promoting eLearning Courses and how to generate attention and support for your e-learning initiatives.

If you don’t promote your eLearning courses to your potential customers, you can’t get them to buy in and coming back for more. So it’s time to focus on promotion. Share your tips with us.

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