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4 Tips to Present Content for E-learning Courses – An Infographic

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In any eLearning course, presenting the content in an appealing way is very important. If the learners are presented with heavy and boring content, they will skip reading and the whole eLearning course becomes ineffective.

This info-graphic describes four strategies, which go a long way in the development of an effective online course.  Firstly, when we receive the content from the client, it is important to identify what type of content it is in order to categorize it.  According to Ruth Colvin Clark, content is divided into 5 types – facts, concepts, processes, procedures, and principles. Once we are aware of the type of content, we can present it in an effective way. For example, processes can be explained in the form of steps. This will visually attract the learner and also help retain the content better.

Secondly, presentation of the content in huge paragraphs needs to be avoided. It is important to chunk the paragraphs and present only the important points in a bulleted list.

This info-graphic also talks about the importance of identifying the keywords, which help the learner understand the subject and support easy learning.

4 Tips to Present Content for E-learning Courses – An Infographic

Presenting the content with appropriate info graphics, charts, graphs and presenting the content in a visually appealing way is the fourth important strategy discussed in this info graphic.

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