5 Important Tips to Manage Your E-learning Projects Effectively

Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams, combining into a work of art” – Greg Cimmarrusti, PMP

It is said that managing a project is like juggling with three balls – Cost, Time and Quality. Effective eLearning project management ensures that your project is completed at right time, estimated cost without compromising on quality.

Here are the 5 important tips to manage your eLearning Projects effectively:

1. Follow the Process

A process is a sequential set of activities to produce a specific output.

When the Project Timelines are short, a Project Manager might get tempted to violate the Process. Watch out, you may have to pay for this. It may end up taking more time and rework.

2. Define the Roles Clearly

Well in a game of football, we have goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. Each of them has a well-defined role. For example, the goalkeeper’s role is to stop the other team from scoring a goal and the defender is to defend. Similarly, the role of the members of a Project Team should be clearly defined. When people know their role clearly, they will channelize their focus and energy to find innovative ways to reach their goal.

3. Educate your SMEs

It often happens that the SMEs are not aware about the possibilities and limitations of the eLearning tools. There is a chance that in the later stage of the project they come up with a new requirement which cannot be developed in the tool which is being used.

One of my friends in a Social community forum shared that they had to change the Tool after developing almost 60% of the course as the client asked a new requirement which cannot be met with the tool they have choosen initially. This led to cost-time overrun. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Project Manager to educate the SMEs even at the beginning of the project and tell them as to what is possible and what is not in the particular tool.

4. Perform an LMS Test at an early stage

In one of our PM weekly sharing meetings, my colleague shared that they have faced a problem of tracking after the course got uploaded in the client’s LMS. They have spent 2 months in developing the course and have noticed this issue at the last moment. It took around 1 month to identify the error and finally fix it. One of the lessons what this project taught everyone was, how different it would have been if they tested a sample which is Scorm compliant during the initial stages of the project, instead of testing the complete course at the final moment. That would have saved the extra 1 month which we spent at the final stage. Therefore, it is very important to project success to perform an LMS Test during the early stages of the project.

5. Know who is responsible for sign-off

It is important for a Project Manager to know who is the person responsible for signing off on various deliverables that are submitted to client as it is one of the critical factors for project success.

Let me explain with an example. For a project, we have Graphics, Storyboard, and Course, etc., as deliverables to a customer. A Project Manager should know in advance who is responsible for signing off on each of these at the beginning of the project so that the Project Manager and his/her team need not face any troubles at the end.

With my experience as a Project Manager, I have shared 5 Important Tips to manage eLearning Projects effectively. What according to you, are the important tips to manage eLearning Projects effectively? Do share your views; we would love to hear from you!

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