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Why is Involvement of Stakeholders Critical to Your E-learning Project?

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Why is Involvement of Stakeholders Critical to Your E-learning Project?

Why do you need to involve all stakeholders in your eLearning project? What can you do to prevent inter-departmental squabbles that can affect the development of your online course? How does this help manage your eLearning project better?

When I talk of inter-departmental collaboration, I remember an issue faced by one of our clients a few years back.

This client wanted us to develop an online sales training course. The marketing manager of the client suggested some changes to this course that was under development. But these changes could not be included because implementing them would entail additional expenditure and the finance department was not willing to shell out extra dollars.

How can you avert such incidents?


When you plan your online course development, you need to avoid going all alone. It is important to understand that the people from different departments play a key role in the success of the eLearning project. Staff from HR, IT, Learning & Development, Internal Communications, Marketing and Finance can all help make better decisions.

So, how can you “utilize” these people effectively?

It is very important to identify the key persons who can help you in your work. It is advisable to form a cross-functional team that includes all these people concerned with your online course. You need to make sure that this team meets regularly – at least once in a week (I am being realistic). This will go a long way in ensuring effective coordination between the various stakeholders.

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Thus, by involving all the concerned people you can avoid stakeholder conflicts. It is important to form a team comprising all the people involved in the project. These go a long way in ensuring smooth development of your online course and make your eLearning project a grand success. I hope you find this blog useful.

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