Tips to Make Online Training Interesting

Tips to Make Online Training Interesting

Tips to Make Online Training Interesting

Online training or eLearning offers numerous advantages to learners and trainees – the biggest advantage being the ability to take training anytime and anywhere. Whether the trainees are confined to one place or scattered all over the world, they can still access the same course material and at the time and place convenient to them.

Various companies and organizations are now adopting eLearning to impart training to their employees because of the flexibility that eLearning provides. Here are few tips that can be considered to make online training more engaging and appealing to learners.

Effective use of multimedia: Use of multimedia such as video and audio in eLearning is a great way to keep learners interested and engaged in the course.Using videos can be a powerful and a significant way to enhance learning and enable learners to understand the content more effectively. Videos instill learning with social interaction and visual demonstration that enrich the learning process and present learners with effective eLearning courses. Using audio in eLearning courses could be another way to improve the efficacy of online training.

Presenting the content in smaller chunks: Often, learners find themselves annoyed when presented with large data. Hence, it is always effective to present the data in smaller chunks instead of flooding the learners with huge data. Hence presenting the content in smaller chunks could help learners retain and recall information easily and enhance their learning potential. It is extremely important to take the concept of chunking seriously, to develop a successful online course. Presented below is the screenshot that shows the proper chunking of the content.

Present the content in smaller chunks

Incorporating games and effective interactivities in assessments: “Gamification” and use of effective interactivities in assessments is a mesmerizing approach that makes learners learn new skills and master the content. Assessments in eLearning are widely employed to evaluate the training and learning efforts. They inspire learners to enhance their understanding of the content and continue learning with greater enthusiasm. Here is a screenshot of an interactive assessment in an eLearning course.

Incorporating games and effective interactivities in assessments

Connect with the learners through classroom setup: It would be a great if you can present learners with a course that creates a familiar learning environment. In such cases, use of scenarios could be effective. They provide rich learning experience through situations that the learners can easily relate. For this purpose, characters and avatars can be included in the eLearning course, and they go a longway in helping the learners focus better. These characters connect with the learners in the same way as a mentor or an instructor connects with the learners in traditional classroom training and presents the course content in a conversational manner.

Connect with the learners through classroom setup

I hope these tips could be helpful, while developing eLearning courses, and thereby make online training interesting for your employees or end users. Do share your valuable comments with us.

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