5 Tips to Initiate the E-learning Project

5 Tips to Initiate the E-learning Project

5 Tips to Initiate the E-learning Project

Have you ever wondered about the role of the project manager in an eLearning project? Are you working on eLearning projects that are planned to fail? A project is doomed if it is not initiated properly. As an eLearning project manager, you need to understand the importance of proper project initiation. Many consider project initiation to be the responsibility of the sponsor of the project but it can be done by the project manager as well.

So, do you want to become a successful eLearning project manager? Let’s get started.

I will now share some tips, which help me manage my projects very effectively. Before I share the tips, we will see what a project is and try to understand what project management is all about.

What is Project?

A project is temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or render a service. A project has a clear beginning and a well-defined end.

What is Project Management?

Many think that project management is nothing more than man management to get the desired output. A popular misconception about project management is that people in-charge of a project waste time by conducting unproductive meetings. People also believe that all it takes to manage a project is learning project management software. Well, project management is much more than using software and making people work. It is the application of skills, tools, techniques and knowledge on project activities in order to reach the project objectives.

Now that you are aware of what “makes up” project management, it is time to move ahead and see the different processes involved in a project.

The project management life cycle comprises these processes – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Closure.

Let’s look at project initiation in detail. It is well-said that the job of completing a project successfully is half-done if the project is initiated properly. The initiation process involves the definition of the scope of a new project or of a new phase of an existing project. Here are five tips that will help you initiate your eLearning projects successfully.

Tip 1 – Select the Project Manager: Based on the type of the eLearning Project and its complexity, assign the project to a manager who is well versed in handling similar projects. If you assign the project to an inexperienced project manager, there is a danger of the project failing because he may not be able to manage the project efficiently.

Tip 2 – Collect information about similar projects: Before you initiate the project, try to dig out information about similar projects that is stored in your organization’s database. This can be very useful to plan your project better. It also helps you to identify the risks associated with the project effectively, which is vital to its success.

Tip 3 – Identify Stakeholders: A major factor that contributes to the success of a project is effective management of its stakeholders. It is highly advisable that you identify all the stakeholders of your project and analyze their roles. It is also important to understand how each stakeholder can influence your project.

Tip 4 – Determine Requirements: Once you perform the stakeholder analysis, collect the stakeholder requirements and define the high level project scope. Make sure that you clearly document what the project can achieve and what it cannot.

Tip 5 – Plan at High level: Make sure that you conduct a thorough analysis of the stakeholders and project requirements. This will help you plan effectively and determine the high level acceptance criteria. You also need to identify any hidden project milestones.

I hope you find this blog informative. Please do share your thoughts and experiences.