5 Tips to Grab the Online Learner’s Attention

5 Tips to Grab the Online Learner’s Attention

5 Tips to Grab the Online Learner’s Attention

The ultimate goal of an instructional designer is to make learner-centric eLearning courses. One way to capture the learner’s interest is to start with a “big bang”. Instead of beginning the course with an explanation of the learning objectives, you can make your elearning course interesting right from the beginning using the 6 tips mentioned below.

1. Begin with a story

Start your eLearning course with an appropriate story. This goes a long way in connecting your learners to the online course emotionally. When you use a ‘story telling introduction’, make sure that the story is related to the subject-matter of your course. Also, see that the story short and easy to understand.

2. Use a multimedia presentation at the start

Try to explain the theme of your online course or introduce its subject-matter using some multimedia elements like videos or animations. This makes the introduction very exciting. It motivates your people to take the course by creating a high level of interest that is sustained throughout the online learning course.

3. Let an avatar introduce the course

Animated characters or avatars act as virtual facilitators and can grab the attention of the learners by providing them a good learning experience. You can use an avatar in the beginning of the elearning course to provide an overview of the course to your learners.

4. Present the learner with a thought-provoking question

Pose an interesting question to your learners to make them think what they will be able to learn once they complete the online course. Starting the course with a thought- provoking question makes the learners excited and curious. While posing a question, make sure that it is related to the subject-matter of the course.

5. Create appealing course headlines

Appealing and attention-grabbing headlines help generate interest in the course. Try to create attractive, captivating and powerful headlines by focusing on the subject. Be creative and make the headline emotionally convincing. Ponder on the ways to present the learning content in an innovative manner.

These tips help you start the elearning course in a very interesting manner. Would you like to add to this list? Please do so.

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