3 Tips to Frame E-learning Course Titles

3 Tips to Frame E-learning Course Titles

Creating eLearning course titles that appeal to the right audience and give them a clear picture of what the course will cover is quite a challenging task, but very important. In this post, we will look at some tips to frame the right eLearning course titles.

Tell them what you are going to teach

Specify very clearly what the eLearning course will cover and how it will help learners in their work life. Here, you need to be careful by not making promises that your eLearning course is not going to keep up.

E.g.: Learn how to become the best behaved employee in your company.

Create curiosity

It’s human tendency to know more about a topic, if there is something mysterious about it. In the same way we can create this sense of intrigue in eLearning courses. This can be done by making the title thought-provoking. This makes them excited to know more about the topic.

E.g.: Top qualities of an efficient project manager. Are you the one?

How to overcome stage fear during presentations?

Give clarity

The first thing that attracts the human eye on each screen is the title. Don’t get inclined to framing catchy titles that miss the main meaning. It’s important to strike a fine balance between clarity and creativity. The title should be crisp, informative and attention seeking. You can even brainstorm with the group to generate ideas for better course titles.

E.g.: Quickly learn how to safeguard yourself from the deadly Ebola Virus?

To conclude,

Creating titles that can grab your learners’ attention and motivate them to enroll for the eLearning course doesn’t need to be a time consuming task. I hope these tips will help you create clear and concise titles for an eLearning course. Do share if you wiish to add anything to this list.

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