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5 Tips to Engage Your Online Learners – An Infographic

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5 Tips to Engage Your Online Learners- An Infographic

It is difficult to maintain learner engagement in an online learning environment as compared to classroom training,. During classroom training, the trainer engages participants using anecdotes, stories, creating some scenarios or by sharing personal experiences. But, how do you engage learners in an online learning environment, where they are learning all by themselves?

 This is where the instructional design plays a key role. Effective instructional design should be able to done the role of a class room trainer in a self-paced environment. As instructional designers, we need to keep learner’s engagement in mind when designing eLearning courses.

So, how can we design such courses? Well, here are 5 tips that help to design engaging eLearning courses for your learners.

5 Tips to Engage Your Online Learners- An Infographic

These are a few tips that help make eLearning courses user-friendly and interesting. Would you like to add some points? Please do share here.

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