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5 Tips to Engage Employees During Safety Training

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Organizations need to ensure occupations safety and health administration for their employees. In most cases, it is a mandatory requirement as well but employees do not always show great enthusiasm to attend such courses. However, safety training could be made engaging, interesting and more relevant to employees.

Here are a few tips to make safety training interesting and fun:

  • Keep it short or schedule breaks between sessions: There is a limit to the amount of information that any individual can assimilate at one instance. It is best to break the training program into short sessions emphasizing one safety parameter in each session. That way information is retained for a longer period of time.
  • Include activities and games in the course: You could have hands-on activities such as poster making or slogan writing contests. Games revolving around best safety practices could be effective to reiterate key take-aways.
  • Encourage with rewards: Praise those who enthusiastically participated in the activities in each session and reward them with small prizes. This will encourage other to participate actively in the subsequent sessions. It also make the sessions lively. Sessions could also be used to celebrate and recognize the efforts of departments or divisions which had no accidents.
  • Invite guest speakers: Having the same trainer conduct safety sessions might be boring. However, having a guest speaker might break the monotony and elicit more interest in the program. You could invite a local fire safety personnel or a celebrity to talk about safety issues.
  • Give scope for employee inputs: Employees are in the best position to voice out any safety concerns that they have with respect to their workplace. Get them to share their views without inhibition in an informal setting such as during a luncheon session or tea breaks. They could highlight issues that have the potential to become a safety hazard.

Safety trainings need not be boring; they can be fun and interesting while being informative. You just need to be creative with your ideas and plan to organize safety trainings that are interactive and interesting so that they receive maximum participation.


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