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Tips for Instructional Designers and Developers for Effective E-learning Development

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Tips for Instructional Designers and Developers for Effective E-learning Development

I have been working as an eLearning developer for the last 3 years. I have worked on more than 100 projects and the requirements for each are unique. While working on these projects, I will be closely coordinating with instructional designers. I faced some problems in the early days of my career. But, later, I have figured out a way to develop eLearning courses without any hassles. I would like to share a few very useful tips.

Tips to developers:

Be Clear about the Project:

Developers should be clear about the project before starting the development. The developer needs to study the Storyboard (SB) and note the queries, if any. After studying the SB, a Doodling meeting should be conducted with instructional designers, visual designers and Project managers. In this meeting, the developer needs to clarify his doubts about the project.

Be Clear about Interactivities and Assessments:

A developer needs to have clarity about the interactivities and assessments given in the storyboard, as it takes a lot of time to develop them. He should also check whether the interactivities can be developed using the selected authoring tool. If not, he has to communicate with the instructional designer to change the interactivity.

Be Clear about Media Files:

He should also be clear about how to present the images and graphics on a slide. Images of high quality should be used. Avoid using blur images and watermark images in projects. The owner of the watermark images may take legal action against you.

Be Clear about the Standards of the Project:

For every project, standards are set, and it is important that that these standards are followed for all the modules. Content, templates, interactivities, colors and assessments are standardized for an eLearning project. A developer needs to be aware of these standards, so that he does not miss any important element of the project.

Instructions to Instructional Designers:

Be Clear about Project:

IDs should be clear about the project requirements, before developing the storyboard. They should regularly communicate with developers about the projects.

Be Clear about Interactivities and Assessments:

IDs should discuss the interactivities and assessments with the developers. This helps the developer to know whether these interactivities can be developed using a tool. Furthermore, the time taken to develop each interactivity should be acknowledged by the instructional designer.

Review the course. The instructional designer needs to interact with the developers to ensure that the course is developed according to the instructions provided in the storyboard.

These are some of the tips to instructional designers and developers. If you have any other tips, please share!

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