Tips to Ensure High Quality E-learning Courses

Tips to Ensure High Quality E-learning Courses

Tips to Ensure High Quality E-learning Courses

When an instructional designer designs an eLearning course, he has to consider a number of important things such as:

  • Quality of the content
  • Ability to present the information in a clear and concise manner
  • Consistency throughout the course

Redundancy and errors in grammar, punctuation, and language can distract the learner from paying attention, and thereby, become impediments to the successful completion of the course.

It happens with all of us;the moment we send a course to the client, we find a few errors such as misalignment of bullets,typographical mistakes etc. It is not that we don’t do our job efficiently. In order to avoid such small mistakes, we should have a checklist for course reviews. Checklists play a crucial role in our everyday lives. We should have checklists to make sure that we don’t miss out anything and trace grammatical errors.

In this blog, I’ll share a few tips that help in proofreading your eLearning courses.

  1. Ask for help:It is a good practice to get your course reviewed by someone who is not a part of your project. Ask help from such persons, as they see the course for the first time with a fresh look. They will be able to trace grammatical and sentence structuring errors better. As a best practice,we validate our courses with our L&D head who reviews the courses and gives valuable suggestions.
  2. Give enough time: Give as much time as you can to proofread your eLearning course. Additionally,a change in the environment will also make a lot of difference in identifying more errors. Do not try to proofread the entire course at one time. Firstly, check the grammar. Then, check the punctuations and then the structuring of the sentences.
  3. Read it loud: Read your script aloud – the most important step you can take to avoid grammatical mistakes in your eLearning course. This will help you identifythe worst errors.

Proofreading needs a lot of attention, concentration, time, and space. I hope these tips will help you in improving the quality of your eLearning courses.

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