Quick Tips for Training Gen Y

Quick Tips for Training Gen Y

Perhaps as a trainer you might think that Gen Y learners are more whimsical than their predecessors. They are less attentive and appear to randomly collect information from different sources. But, if you look at it the other way, you will realize that they are quite passionate about learning, are focused on achieving their goals and above all are quite optimistic and confident in trying something new. (Only, as a trainer, you need to leverage their strengths and make your training sessions in such a way that their weaknesses are downplayed and their strengths are leveraged).

Here are some quick training tips to train Gen Y learners.

  • This generation of learners prefers to learn while doing. They give more emphasis to practical application rather than memorizing theoretical aspects. So as a trainer, you can make room for experimental learning where learners get the chance to participate in group discussions, team projects, developing simulations and so on. This serves a two fold purpose, both for you and the learner. From your side, you can utilize their talents by involving them to act and benefit from their creative thinking. While from the learner’s point of view, they enjoy interaction with others – keeping them from getting bored. They enjoy different team activities and this fosters teamwork. It also enables them to brush up their existing knowledge as they are able to correlate the theoretical aspect with practical benefits. As a whole, this simple strategy, provides variety and enhances their learning experience.
  • Technology is a buzzword for this category of learners. They are tech savvy in nature and they prefer their learning to be associated with technology such as computers and smart phones to provide the multimedia learning experience. It also provides quick and effective interactive sessions between learners and the trainer. You can incorporate games to trigger the multimedia sensory stimulation making training more enjoyable and entertaining. Technology provides them freedom and flexibility in learning. Offering online courses allows them to take the option of learning as per their own convenience.
  • Try to arrange short training sessions for Gen Y learners. Giving breaks in between gives them the chance to refresh their memory. It also helps them to retain knowledge for a longer duration.
  • Lastly, provide them with frequent and timely feedback to let them know whether they are moving off the tangent or heading in the right direction. Feedback helps them to remain focused on end results.

To summarize, it is important to understand the learning preferences of Gen Y before designing a training program for them. Training format that best suits their personalities will ensure that they are groomed successfully to accept future responsibilities.

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