3 Interesting Avatars Which We Have Used in our E-learning Courses

3 Interesting Avatars Which we Have Used in our eLearning Courses.

3 Interesting Avatars Which we Have Used in our eLearning Courses.

It’s a well-known fact that eLearning courses which are highly interactive are more effective than those that are static content-driven. So, why not use interesting avatars to guide your learners through the eLearning courses and make them acquire and retain the knowledge effectively?

I would like to share the details of 3 interesting avatars, which we have used in our eLearning courses. These avatars went a long way in creating excellent learner experiences.

Alex the Ant

We have developed an eLearning course on supply chain management (SCM), in which we have used a friendly and intelligent looking ant cartoon as an avatar because they are experts in all aspects of Supply Chain Management. They march in a lockstep, cut leaves from trees in the rainforest and carry the right number of tasty leaves in an orderly fashion to their colony. It’s a fact that supply chain managers are seeking to create what the ants do naturally. They perform and enhance all the required steps in materials, planning, manufacturing, delivery and quality management to produce the right quantity of the right product and deliver it to the end user at the right time. Therefore, we thought that the ant avatar is ideal to teach supply chain concepts to the learners.

Alex the AntDan an Income tax Accountant

For the employees in the tax department of an organization, we have developed an elearning course Introduction to Accounting for Income Taxes ASC 740. This course explains concepts of income tax such as fundamentals of ASC 740 income tax accounting, current and deferred income tax, the differences between permanent & temporary tax adjustments and tax accounting. This is a tough topic to understand. Therefore, we have introduced an avatar who is an income tax accountant and is the best person to teach other accountants and controllers in the tax department.

Dan an Income Tax AccountantMr. Gram

For one of our client who is into the manufacturing industry, product training on a “Check weighing” machine was developed for the sales personnel. They are generally considered to be hands-on learners. If we had developed the course with product knowledge as chunks of content, it would have not been effective. Therefore, to make the eLearning course realistic, engaging and interesting, we thought of using an avatar in the course. As the main content revolves around the importance and usage of one gram in a manufactured product, we have created an avatar called Mr. Gram. The avatar takes the learners through the course, motivates them and helps them connect emotionally with the course.

Mr.GramThese are the 3 interesting avatars we have used in our eLearning courses to motivate our learners. I would love to learn about the avatars in your online courses.

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