7 Things Every Learner Should Thank on This Thanksgiving Day

7 Things Every Learner Should Thank on This Thanksgiving Day

7 Things Every Learner Should Thank on This Thanksgiving Day

The spirit of Thanksgiving runs deep within our hearts. Online courses efficiently improve our skills and help us build a better career. 7 developments in technology have altered the training landscape. We need to thank them for helping us reap the harvest of learning.

Mobile Devices

These wonderful gadgets have truly transformed our planet into a global village. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of learning is inextricably linked to the development of these electronic appliances. The widespread usage of these devices has indeed resulted in opening the floodgates of knowledge. The trainees need to thank them for building ‘bridges of thought’.

Tin Can API

The learner needs to be grateful to this brand new specification for learning technology for helping collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline).

This new paradigm in the world of training gives the freedom to record any learning activity. It facilitates efficient communication between LRS and enables the learner to store his personal learning information. It could work even where there is occasional connectivity and any enabled device can send Tin Can API statements. The learning content is no longer tied to an LMS because the learning event could start wherever the learner is and whatever device they choose.

Rapid Authoring Tools

The trainees need to thank these tools because they help expedite the process of developing online courses at reduced costs. The facility to easily update the content and include features such as quizzes, scenarios and interactive learning components make these ideal for developing courses for a dynamic corporate world. They are truly divine gifts that help mankind to turn the nectar of information into elixir of learning materials.

Social Media

These tools help realize the true objective of eLearning – enable the learner to explore and find better solutions to his problem. Social media provide a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. This exchange of intellect helps to create a COMMON REPOSITORY OF COLLECTIVE THOUGHT. We need to thank them for helping us open our minds and hearts to our fellow seekers of knowledge.


The learner is indebted to this new development that has a huge impact on mLearning because it helps eliminate the constraints to access of online courses on mobile devices caused by platform incompatibility. It helps realize the cherished objective – LEARN FROM THE DEVICE OF YOUR CHOICE.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

The trainee needs to thank MOOCs because they provide an interactive forum that helps build a community of learners and instructors. This could be used to share the contextualized content between its members and each member could add his knowledge to this content.


This users of online courses need to be grateful to this container file format for facilitating the development of captivating visuals that help deliver a rich learning experience. It could be used to design a variety of interactive activities which could be accessed in any browser. These ‘e-tivities’ stimulate cognitive abilities and make learning a pleasure.

We need to thank these wonderful developments that enhance the quality of learning. How do you utilize them? I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day and would be glad to learn about your experiences.

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