CommLab India Celebrates Thanksgiving with its Heroes

CommLab India Celebrates Thanksgiving with its Heroes

On this Thanksgiving Day, we at CommLab India are indebted to many Gurus, who helped us over the last 12 years, in our journey towards becoming a successful Global eLearning company.

Our First Employees

  • Vasu Deva Rao, Manager, Operations and IT, for growing along with CommLab India for the past 9 years.
  • Asha Ganguli, Business Development Manager, for being a strong pillar of support since 2004.

Our First eLearning Customers – These are the visionaries who wanted to try outsourcing and elearning in their organizations. They gave us the hope that CommLab India will one day, be among the best eLearning courseware development companies.

  • Terry Heiney, President, Learning.Net, for giving us the first eLearning assignment/ business way back in 2001.
  • Kristin Lamoureux, Director, International Institute of Tourism Studies, The George Washington University, for selecting us to develop highly engaging pre-classroom elearning in 2002.
  • Tescha Borgstrom, Sr. Technical Training Director, Flextronics, for believing in us and in giving us our first eLearning assignment on HR and Compliance training for new employees in 2005.

Our Technical Trainers

  • Michael Allen, Chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions, for conducting Advanced eLearning Instructional Design Certificate program for Dr. Ayesha, COO, CommLab India in Atlanta, USA.
  • ASTD, for conducting eLearning Conferences, where CommLab India participated for two consecutive years.
  • Brandon Hall, for selecting 6 of our Top Team Members, as judges to review the courses and finalize the Brandon Hall awards.
  • Moodle, for providing the open source platform to manage learning for organizations.
  • HubSpot, for helping us get a better reach to our customers, through inbound marketing.

Our Strategy / Change Gurus

  • Anthony (Tony) Robbins, for being our coach for personal productivity and emotional mastery.
  • Stephen Covey, for building personal and professional effectiveness through 7 Habits program.

Our Present Team

  • Asha

    Dear Ayesha and RK Sir,

    Thanks a lot firstly for giving me the opportunity to work from home, for having the confidence in me and entrusting varied assignments from time to time, letting me learn and grow as a person both personally as well as professionally.

    Last but not the least thank you for the wonderful and affectionate relationship that we share.

    Thank you both once again.