Develop Holistic eLearning with Creative New-Age Templates

Wow your learners with courses that are personal and empathetic. This Thanksgiving, access free eLearning templates that address the right brain aptitudes.

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Develop Holistic eLearning with Creative New-Age Templates

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! It’s a special day to show our appreciation to the people in our lives. Here’s our gift for you. We are offering 17 free eLearning templates to develop engaging eLearning courses and make your learners happy. These interactive templates give you means to implement the six right-brain aptitudes covered in the book ‘A Whole New Mind‘ by Daniel H. Pink. It discusses the 6 senses that talk to the right brain. No, the two sides of the brain are not against each other, and neither are they standalone. They are complementary!

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Left brain aptitudes are analytical, quantitative, and logical. Here are a few of the right-brain aptitudes – artistic, emotional, qualitative, and creative. Targeting the right brain aptitudes in eLearning gives you engaging and appealing courses. Why is that important? Well, to begin with, it provides intrinsic motivation for learners along with scope for emotional involvement. It not only ensures the successful completion of the courses but also effectual knowledge retention.

So, register for access to free templates that can accommodate:

  • Assessments and mind maps
  • Scenarios, comic strips, and anecdotes
  • Open navigation, diagnostic feedback, personalized learning
  • Game-based learning, gamification, simulations
  • Learning objectives, ice-breakers, ponder activities

Indulge your learners with these emotionally gripping, easy-to-use templates. They are totally customizable – just place your logo and add your custom content. Cool isn’t it? Register now to get your new-age eLearning template kit on the 20th of November.

Wishing you the happiness of the holiday season, Happy Thanksgiving!

eLearning Design and the 'Right' Brain
Develop Holistic eLearning with Creative New-Age Templates
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