Thanking Top E-learning Influencers for Sharing Valuable Insights

Thanking Top E-learning Influencers for Sharing Valuable Insights

Thanking Top E-learning Influencers for Sharing Valuable Insights

“Knowledge Increases by sharing but not by saving”

-Kamari aka Lyrikal

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving” and e-learning is no exemption. Various authors regularly publish posts on topics related to online training, instructional design in e-learning, rapid authoring tools, training strategies, and many more. These go a long way in improving the knowledge of anybody in relation with the e-learning fraternity. Today, we will look at 5 renowned e-learning professionals and some of their latest posts for which we have to be thankful to them.

Cathy Moore:

She is one of the top e-learning influencers who help large organizations to expand the skills of their instructional designers. Her goal is to improve the performance of the organization with relevant training programs. Her profile includes many organizations such as Pfizer, Microsoft, Barclays in addition to many other similar organizations of repute.

Here is Cathy Moore’s recent blog on “3 quick tips for strong scenarios”.

3 quick tips for strong scenarios

It can be hard to write subtle scenario questions. Here in this blog Cathy Moore has explained 3 quick tips for developing strong scenarios. For developing strong scenarios for your training, you need to consider these tips “Put dialog in quotation marks, “Ask, “Why aren’t they doing it?”” and the last one is “Branching? Start with the end in mind”. Read More

Tom Kuhlmann:

He has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and currently runs the community at Articulate. He writes blogs on Rapid eLearning to share tips and tricks for building e-learning courses.

Here is Tom Kuhlmann’s recent blog on “Top Instructional Design Tips.”

Top Instructional Design Tips

If there’s a single best tip, it’s this: the course content needs to be relevant to the learner’s needs. If not, why would anyone take the course? In this blog, Tom has given some links of blogs related to e-learning and instructional design. Read More

Ryan Tracey:

He is an author of the E-learning Provocateur blog and an E-learning manager for an Australian-based financial service company AMP. He is a blogger and Environmental Scientist, Editorial Board Member for eLearn Magazine, a moderator for Lrnchat and a co-organizer of Third Place in Sydney.

Here is the Ryan Tracey’s recent post on “Where is L&D heading?”

Where is L&D heading?

How do you see the impact and importance of big data, adaptive learning, mobile learning and micro-learning?

While mobile learning gets a lot of hype – rightly or wrongly – my target audience is office bound. Yes, I can push content to their devices (and there’s a solid argument for micro-learning in this instance) but the truth is no one will do their training on the bus…..Read More

Craig Weiss:

He is a thought leader in the field of e-learning, an analyst and the author of the E-learning 24/7 blog. Craig is one of the most influential persons in the world for e-learning (2015). His recent report on LMS, “Top 50 LMS’s for 2015,” which is to be published in 2016, covers everything about it, including administration.

Here is the Craig Weiss’s recent post on “Where the LMS is Heading.”

Where the LMS is Heading

It seems that every day I have been seeing articles on where is L&D heading, what will happen with the LMS market, the LMS industry, how much the LMS industry is worth and so forth.

Especially when some of the folks now touting the LMS space were the same people writing about its demise.

Well, I for one, never saw a demise. I never saw anything close to it…..Read More

Jane Hart:

She is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT), one of the world’s most visited learning sites on the Web. She is the author of the Social Learning Handbook 2014. She is a Writer & Independent Workplace Learning & Collaboration Adviser.

Here is Jane Hart’s recent post on “Learning in the Modern Workplace is a mix of Experiences (the infographic).”

Learning in the Modern Workplace is a Mix of Experiences (the infographic)

Learning in the modern workplace is not just about training and e-learning but a mix of both company-organized and personal experiences. L&D departments can no longer design, deliver, and manage everything everyone needs to know, so there is an emerging shift toward supporting self-organized and self-managed professional learning…..Read More

I hope you liked reading this list of top e-learning influencers. Do let us know what you think about their profiles. Are there other influencers you think that I have missed out? Tell us about your favorite influencer, so we can add them to our list.

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