4 Incredible TED Talk Shows on Learning

4 Incredible Ted Talk Shows on Learning

4 Incredible TED Talk Shows on Learning

Hunting for learning, training & education ideas globally is a complex task. TED talk brings all these ideas together from different people all over the world. TED is a global community which organizes events to spread ideas, usually in the form of powerful talks not more than 18 minutes. Here I would like to share 4 TED talks which are worth a watch.

1. Fields Wicker-Miurin: Learning from Leadership’s Missing Manual

Fields Wicker-Miurin is the co-founder of Leaders’ Quest. It is an organization which brings leaders from different countries to learn about key trends in their regions, and to explore their role as leaders.

In this video, Wicker talks about discovering people, the way people are, and new leadership styles. She says she is inspired by three people Benki, Sanghamitra, and Jianchuan, by their leadership qualities.

She wants to improve the quality and impact of leadership worldwide by discovering leaders in unique, local settings and connecting them with one another. Watch the video for more information.

2. Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning.

Ken says that though the education system in the world is being reformed at the moment, it’s not enough. According to him, one of the real challenges is to innovate fundamentally in education. Take a look into this video to know more.

3. Tom Chatfield: 7 Ways Games Reward the Brain

Tom Chatfield thinks about games – what we want from them, what we get from them, and how we might use our hard-wired desire for a gamers’ reward to change the way we learn.

Here, Tom talks about how games reward the brain. According to him, games can engage the person and the rewards for every achievement encourage the learner. Let’s watch the video.

4. Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to Re-engage Boys in Learning

Ali Carr-Chellman is an instructional designer, author and educator, working on how to change and innovate within schools to make education work better for more kids. 

In this video, Ali says that we have a serious problem with boys in schools. She shares some ways on to how overcome those problems. She also talks about men in universities and how to engage them in studies. She gives three reasons why boys are out of synch with the culture of school. Let’s watch this video to know what are those reasons are.

Hope you found this blog interesting. Please do share your views.

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