Sell More with the Help of Technology Enabled Training

Sell More with the Help of Technology Enabled Training

Every business organization has the ultimate goal of making profits. Profits increase as sales increase. But how will you increase your sales? You already have a huge sales force, you have carried out intense marketing and promotional activities, conducted innumerable ILT sessions, spent quite a bit on training, and yet get the same result. What’s going wrong?

To increase your sales and hence profit, your salesforce need to have powerful product knowledge and selling skills, and they have to be very confident about the product.

Before moving forward, let us list out some of the major challenges a salesperson faces in his day-to-day business life:

  • Inadequate product knowledge
  • Lack of selling skills
  • Meeting different kinds of prospects with different personality
  • Lack of time to attend ILT

Now, I would like to present briefly about how can technology-enabled learning helps your salesforce to overcome these challenges and sell more.

Remember! Online training or e-learning is not the static presentation of content with stereotypical voiceovers.

Challenge #1: Product knowledge

The fundamental part of a sales training is product knowledge. The more you know, the more you sell. Depending on the complexity of the product, a salesperson needs to know more or less about the features of the product. A simple and common product doesn’t require that much effort than a complex product to sell. Extensive knowledge on the product builds confidence among the sales force and its leads to more sales.


To increase the product knowledge among the salespeople, so that they can deliver consistent product knowledge to customers, there must be some kind of consistent and repetitive training. The training should be easily accessible whenever it is needed. Through online training, you can help your sales team to access the course whenever they want. Repeatedly going through a course can help learners memorize the product features easily.

Challenge #2: Selling skills

A skilled salesperson knows how to sell a solution instead of a product. Through training, you can show some of the skills that are needed to be a great sales person. Remember! Educated customers ask challenging and intelligent questions. Selling skills like understanding the problem, listening to the prospects, presenting the solution, educating the customer, creating rapport, and so on need to be acquired before closing a deal.


These skills can be presented in an engaging and memorable way through e-learning. A conversation between a typical customer and one of experienced sales person in the form of a story with images, video, or animations and how the salesperson handled and closed the deal motivates the other salesperson to a great extent and boost their moral value. Instead of classroom training, online training plays an effective role in this case. With some real-time examples, you can make the e-learning more enjoyable and help the salesforce to remember and exercise the techniques easily while meeting customers.

A salesperson meets different types of personalities in his day-to-day life. Dealing with one person is different from dealing with another. Showing some videos about how to handle different customers motivates and builds the confidence among the sales force. Success stories of their counterparts inspire them to sell more.

Challenge #3: Flexibility

It is common that sales people suffer from lack of time to attend ILT. They don’t get enough time in a day to do everything they need to do.


Online training is flexible. Learners can access the training wherever and whenever they want to. Instead of creating a long duration course, bite-size learning helps the salesforce to refresh their memories with knowledge before meeting the prospect. A quick checklist of some important points can be made easily available to help sales persons prior to a customer meeting. Online training also provides the opportunity to take the training out of the office and learn at their own pace and convenience.

Challenge #4: Launching of new product globally

When you launch a product globally and need to train your global salesforce, its time consuming to complete the training for all and you can’t ensure that the training will complete at the same time globally. This is also an expensive affair.


Technology-enabled learning helps the global workforce to synchronize the skills, as they learn in the same platform. They can acquire uniform knowledge as they learn in the same platform. The training can be launched throughout the globe at the same time. It’s less expensive than ILT.

We can conclude by saying that e-learning enjoys many benefits than class room training with regards to sales training. Through online training, you can help your salesperson to a great extent to sell more.

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