Technology-Enabled Learning in Educating Medical Laboratory Professionals

Technology-Enabled Learning in Educating Medical Laboratory Professionals

Technology-Enabled Learning in Educating Medical Laboratory Professionals

Knowledge transfer through e-Learning is booming everywhere and is becoming the way of the world.

Growing trends of technological learning are affecting the life science industry positively and in a major way. New sophisticated technologies like a whirlwind are revolutionizing the health care training to train life science professionals with updated information and state-of-the-art technology.

In today’s blog, I would like to share some basic points on how e-learning can help you in educating a medical laboratory professional.

Keep open your training 24/7:

Your staff is busy the whole day in the laboratory. They generally find it difficult to allot time for attending class room training. In this case, e-learning can help you to a great extent. The 24/7 accessibility feature provides a great benefit to the learners by giving them the opportunity to access courses according to their convenience. This is the most ideal training method for your busy medical laboratory staff. They do not have to wait for another day to get the required knowledge. Knowledge base is just a click away for busy personnel like them.

A major advantage of e-learning to busy professionals like the medical personnel is that they can develop their skills while on the go. They can also use this base knowledge to pursue higher education and all these benefits can be achieved at their own pace without any time constraints.

Visualization with the help of animation and videos:

These laboratory professionals operate different kinds of intricate instruments. A video on how to operate these instruments makes it easy for them to relate to the equipment when they actually see it. The instruments and their usages can be shown with the help of videos or animations; this provides the learners with a real-time experience. For example, an animation on how to analyze samples of blood will help the learner to memorize the process more easily than when these instructions are given in an ILT lecture.

Repetition and interaction with training manager and peers:

Learners can access any course an number of times until they have become familiar with the course content. M-Learning makes it easier for them to access the course whenever they feel the need. Also, a refresher training program helps them to recall and revise previously acquired knowledge. Chatting and instant messaging facilities help learners to communicate with their teachers and friends to clarify doubts anytime.

Reach your global learners through Webinars to enhance knowledge:

You can promote knowledge of medical laboratory science through webinars.Through live webinars; you can directly present content and communicate with your global audience. They can clarify all their queries directly with you. For future usage, live webinars can be converted to on-demand. One can easily access these webinars anytime, anywhere.

We thus saw how technology-enabled learning helps educating medical laboratory professionals. E-learning can help you to educate your laboratory professionals not only in technical subjects but also in some generic subjects like code of conduct for medical laboratory technologists, working ethics, and so on. Hope you find this post interesting and useful. Do share your views.

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