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5 Core Benefits of Technology Enabled Learning Assessments [Infographic]

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5 Core Benefits of Technology Enabled Learning Assessments [Infographic]

Many training managers feel that assessments play a key role in online courses.

It’s easy to understand why managers say so. Assessments help measure learning outcomes of trainings accurately. In fact, assessments actually help evaluate the knowledge gained by employees from topics discussed in the trainings. Employees can monitor their progress, assess themselves, and organizations can keep track of their employees’ performance and provide accurate information about the extent to which the training objective has been achieved.

However, many organizations may have good trainings but trouble in measuring learning outcomes. For instance, when instructors go through each paper manually, the workload is increased and they find it difficult to manage the data of a large number of employees. This can be avoided using technology. It enables you evaluate with minimal effort, and you can modify the training approach based on feedback. Here is the info-graphic that shares the benefits of using technology for assessments.

5 Core Benefits of Technology Enabled Learning Assessments [Infographic]

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  • David Johnson

    There are many things you can do to increase learner motivation and engagement in technology-enabled learning environments. For example, gamification is a powerful way to use technology to increase learner motivation. You don’t even have to go all out. Even just adding a progress bar to individuals’ dashboards has been shown to increase engagement.